Gori de Palma en “El Garito de Converse”

“El Garito de Converse” quiere hacer ruido de verdad en Madrid. Y es que la marca, a través del espíritu rebelde de su campaña #GetLoud, ha invitado a todos a participar de actividades multidisciplinares con la… »

24 OctInterview

A realistic dreamer… Interview with Kris Van Assche!

“As night-fall does not come at once, neither does oppression. It is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become victims of the darkness”…

16 OctExclusive. Interview

Fashion surreal emotions… Interview with SOSNOVSKA!

SOSNOVSKA aims to provide order in the darkness by merging surreal emotions with dedicated functionality”, few words that describe a brand, the brand founded in 2009 by Anna Sosnovska and Vitali Chyleka: a wonderful combination of minimalism, tailoring… »

15 OctInterview

A new street-couture… Interview with Joshua Sanders!

As they say… The way  to success is long and winding but Joshua Sanders knows how to run fast especially if he wears one of his capsule collection’s models at his foot…

Twenty-seven years. New Yorker by birth, Italian… »

14 OctInterview

Call the Exterminator… Interview with Fam Irvoll!

Her hair was blue when we met her in London at the Freemasons’ Hall during the presentation of her S/S14 Collection… Today she might have it green, orange or pink… Oh yes because her – Fam Irvoll –… »

18 SepInterview

The Fashion Northern Lights… Interview with BIBI CHEMNITZ!

Hoodies, hoodies, hoodies! If we think about BIBI CHEMNITZ they just come to mind the fantastic hoodies that in 2006 changed the small Scandinavian + Greenlandic + Danish brand into an international phenomenon. By that year Bibi and… »

10 SepInterview

Discovering the discoverer… Interview with Cesar Perin!

Cesar Perin by Emma Woolrych

“Experience is not what happens to a man, it’s what a man does with what happens to him”, Cesar Perin certainly takes George Falconer (Colin Firth)’s words in the film A Single Man… »

28 AugInterview

Filippo Scuffi rewrites Death in Venice…

“Gustav Aschenbach, or von Aschenbach, as his official surname had been since has fiftieth birthday, had taken another solitary walk from his apartment in Munich’s Prinzregentenstrafie on a spring afternoon of the year 19..” the incipit of Thomas Mann’s Death… »

28 JunInterview

Ennio Capasa… A really rock S/S!

“Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me”, Bob Dylan sings this way and a rock shiver runs down our spine…

The same feeling catches us in the Costume National backstage. The 2014 S/S Collection has a disrespectful… »

27 JunInterview. Milan

Ottavio Missoni… Goodbye to the knitting heart’s designer!

“To dress badly you do not need to follow fashion, but it helps”… And indeed he, Ottavio Missoni, didn’t follow fashion, he launched it. He’s gone so, a morning in May, at his home in Sumirago. He was 92.

9 MayInterview

Men’s fashion revolutionaries… Interview with Frankie Morello!

“The suit is conceived as ‘art’ to be worn“… Few, simple words to tell the world, philosophy, mood of a brand that in less than fifteen years has been able to assert its overflowing personality at an international level: Frankie Morello.

6 MayInterview

KOFTA’s functional art

“It all derives from a strong concept for personification of my own desires and ideas. This has lead me to the creation of a complete brand, based on the search for the sacral core of beauty itself. It is a… »

2 MayInterview

THE WHITE BRIEFS… Interview with the founder Peter Simonsson

“In a colorful world the element of surprise predominates; in white, instead, only a joyful and premonitory restlessness”, this way , in his Strahlungen, Ernst Jünger tries to describe the white: bright, pure, symbol of the brand THE… »

22 AprInterview

Freethinkers… Interview with Ksenia Schnaider

Until a few years ago, if I thought of “Russia” it unfailingly appears before my eyes the image of the richly honored crown of the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna Romanova and the bulky furs worn by the protagonists of Doctor Zhivago…… »

19 AprInterview

A Cosmopolitan Boy… Tim Labenda

“So let me be a Cosmopolitan Boy… It’s true that I just want to conquer the globe”, Monsieur Bien sings… Oh yes… He likes metropolitan life. He feels as a citizen of the world, different from anybody else, immune to… »

11 AprInterview

TEETH in Luca Finotti’s story…


“Mmmbop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba duba dop. Ba du… Yeah”, the refrain of the Hanson’s song MmmBop echoed in our ears all along that 1997’s summer… Today it comes back as… »

8 AprInterview

The Great Gatsby of fashion… Angelo Flaccavento

“In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since…”, The Great Gatsby’s incipit helps me to present him, Angelo Flaccavento: journalist, author, style icon (but woe to… »

25 MarInterview

Uniforms, camouflage, psych-rock… Interview with SMITH-WYKES duet

“We bonded over the creative energy and eclectic music of the scene, that, and a shared appreciation of dry martinis”. Imagine a small rowdy bar in the new yorker East Village. Imagine you getting in, immerse yourself in a surreal, avant-garde, contemporary… »

14 MarInterview

Naplestreetstyle sets the style… Interview with Walter D’Aprile!

“…Perhaps it is just Nss, and all the world revolving around it, which can describe us better than anything else… Now we are what we do”, this way Walter D’Aprile answers one of my questions and in those few words it seems… »

7 MarInterview

Interview with Brian Mazza

If I awoke tomorrow in some machismo reboot of Freaky Friday inhabiting the body of Brian Mazza, it would be far from the worst thing.  In fact, I wouldn’t ask any questions, I’d simply go about my… »

4 MarInterview

The capricious Christian Deslauriers’ Enfant Roi…

A son of the Nintendo generation. Willing to take risks to reinvent the very concept of elegance… Christian Deslauriers’ Enfant Roi is a spoiled brat: capricious, cheeky, modern.
He, Christian, perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand. Young, Danish, passionate about visual… »

27 FebInterview

Magic Realism… Interview with Lucio Vanotti!

According to him, “reality could be the best dream possible” and it’s just by the real world that he is inspired. His are clear cloths, no frills. Created for the individual rather than the mass. We could define him as… »

15 FebInterview

Las jóvenes manos de J. Mendel. Entrevista a Adrián Salvador.

En un portal próximo a Macy’s del que la gente no deja de entrar y salir. 6 ascensores y 25 plantas. Una puerta de cristal y dos secretarias dan paso a un mundo sinfín de sueños e ilusiones, un subidón… »

5 FebInterview

Dennis Vanderbroeck

Dennis Vanderbroeck is a 22 years old artist born in The Netherlands, who  is graduating at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht and specializing in performance art. As for his own work as an artist, Dennis creates cross-overs between… »

29 JanInterview

House of Montague… Interview with Martin Ahn

A Shakespearean name: House of Montague. An unconventional soul. Martin Ahn chooses to mix tradition and avant-garde. An innovative, young shoes-brand was born…which looks forward! The 2013-14 F/W Collection –introduced at PittiImmagineUomo83 –is inspired by America, the golden… »

26 JanInterview

Andrea Pompilio’s bohemian contaminations…

Andrea Pompilio. A long experience. A rock-chic soul. A talented designer… The day after the 2013-14 F/W Collection’s fashion show, here is the exclusive interview for FuckingYoung! 

10 JanInterview

The Giuliano Fujiwara’s Italian… Interview with Sergio Daricello!

Sergio Daricello… Stubborn, determined, a dreamer. Lover of art, in every forms. An immense love for, as he likes to call it, La Reine (Marie Antoinette of France). Graduated at Istituto Marangoni. The first menswear designer for Versus and Versace… »

1 JanInterview

Interview: COMMON

Central Saint Martins, Paris, London, Sweden, Emma Hedlund and Saif Bakir the duet behind COMMON are driven by international energy and a certain idea of elegance. Meet the designers of one of the most exiting new coming menswear brand.

14 NovInterview

Claudio Parentela’s artworks

Claudio Parentela from Italy is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, journalist free lance… Active since many years in the international contemporary art scene.

21 AprInterview

Mario Gonzalez

Mario González is based on the plastic language of the coloured pencils and the marker worn are  inspired by the visual inventory of fashion as it’s… »

13 MarInterview
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