A brief in men’s fashion
and culture

FUCKING YOUNG began as an inspirational platform focusing on youthful aesthetics derived from manly hemispheres. Our freedom allowed us to merge established with emerging artists, thus aiding the latter reaching their own public. A synergy that owed most to a passion for the arts has since grown to a state where not only do we promote content created by others, moreover we sponsor and collaborate in birthing such work. Now we also celebrate this community’s creativity with our printed magazine, which intends to better shelter our love and presence in the youthful hemisphere of the current times.


Founder & Director. Eduardo García. Contact
Editor-in-Chief. Adriano Batista. Contact
Global Content Editor and Special Projects. Anna Barr. Contact
Editor-at-Large. Philippe Pourhashemi
Fashion Features Editor. Marlo Saalmink. Contact
Music Features Editor. Ivica Mamedy. Contact
Junior Fashion EditorGabriel Córdoba. Contact 
Junior Content Editor. Juan Marti. Contact
Fashion week photographer. Marc Medina. Contact
Store Manager.
 Sara Ling. Contact
Magazine’s Design. Cordova-Canillas. Website
Web Design. Folch Studio. Website
Web development. Andreu Llos. Website
Hosting partner. Kipsta


Eduardo García Llamas. Contact



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