With the rise of social media a few years ago, there came a flood of fresh-faced artists ushering a new momentum that’s somewhere between everywhere: from rebellious Instagrammers to painstaking activists, there’s just something for everyone (pardon the pun). 24 might seem young, but don’t let numbers fool you: Leon Niederberger is not only a ’90s darling but a leading sports champion. “I’m a professional Ice Hockey Player, part of the top German League and I play for the German National team,” he tells Fucking Young! “Besides, I’m a singer, signed with Universal Music Germany. I also work as a model and this year I joined Mint Artist Management, a talent agency that represents the likes of Stella Maxwell and Toni Garrn.” Portraying himself as an open-minded, empathic, and ambitious bloke, he credits the mother as a pivotal role model for his foray into the fashion world. “My mother has worked in the fashion industry since forever,” he notes, “so I have always been in touch with fashion, modeling, and clothing. The older I got, the more I found my way into different styles and designers to the point where my interest into the fashion world increased.” Today Leon’s matured into a man with a proclivity that is strongly influenced by sport. “Well, I was literally born into the hockey,” he blithely reminisces. “My Dad used to be one of the most successful hockey players in Germany. He played three Olympic games, 10 World Championships and he won the German Championship five times. That said, my very first childhood memory ever was my dad bringing me to his training in the morning, and I was skating on the ice for the first time in my life. I was about three years old.” Speaking on his favorite experiences, Niederberger takes us on a jam-packed episode that ignited his self-assurance. “My favorite experience so far was me playing a hockey game in a football stadium in front of 55,000 thousand people. That was my first time representing my country as part of the National team. It was such a ground-breaking moment,” he recalls. While you might be new to Niederberger, the star-in-making is building a stellar repertoire. “In 2018, I released my first song. It went super viral overnight and the next day I got a call from Universal Music who invited me to Berlin to sign a record deal. It felt so surreal at the time, but I’m thankful for where it’s brought me to.  The singer’s latest offering breaks away from his usual sound, and he drives the airwaves with some kind of Pop. “Well, I would say that in general, my music makes part of the Pop genre. To be more detailed, let me call it synth-pop, as I try to integrate ‘80s synths into my music.” Upon request, the crooner unpacks the true meaning of music and emotions with sincere spirit. His honesty? I do believe. “Music is everything to me,” he openly reflects, with no sign of deceit. “I’m the type of guy who turns the music on before turning the engine on when I get into my car. Music helps me to intensify my feelings and emotions.” With a multifaceted soul and a passion that may be well and truly propel him into the spotlight, we’ll be keeping a lookout and we think you should too.

Talent: Leon Niederberger @leonniederberger
Digital Photograph: Dome Darko @domedarko
Analog Photography: Hakki Topcu @hakki.topcu.studio
Brands: Urban Outfitters, Nike, Zara, Bauer, Adidas x Alexander Wang, Sandro, Calvin Klein, Jerry Lorenzo, Palm Angels