Shirt: SSS Word Corp
Trousers: Chema Diaz
Shoes: Balenciaga
Necklace: Giovanni Raspini

If Raffaele Capuano isn’t on your radar, he should be. With a short – but sweet – run in the fashion industry, the young-old bloke charts a love for the experiences that burgeoned his career ever considerably. “My favorite experience in fashion probably falls between the two times I managed to shoot with Giampaolo Sgura,” he says. “He is one of the best photographers out there and the outcomes are still my favorite to this date. The energy on those sets was always incredibly powerful that it made me keep a great clear memory of the experience. On the flip side though, runways always have their special vibe,” he ponders. Up next, he throws some fairly deep stuff. Well at least for him, he pins down a few turning points that felt necessary and acted as therapy. “The power of fashion saved me until today,” he says, “I started off very unconsciously with what I thought was going to happen, but slowly the picture looked good and I grew up a lot in this world. I can’t deny that when you are still a teenager and you model, it’s normal to go through moments where you may question yourself a lot to try and fit everyone’s taste, but as years went by, I understood that expressing who you are is the winning factor.” Capuano grew up in Naples, and now he breaks ground in music where he influences thrive from. “I’m ridiculously into R&B, Rap, and lately I keep blasting U.K. tunes,” he says. Moving on to the dark side of the media circle (also known as trolling) which, in modern terms, shapes a huge part of a creative’s agenda, he notes: “I don’t react, and that’s the best way,” Capuano reflects. “I need to admit I was hot-headed years ago, but online there’s so much freedom of speech that I would advise just to keep thinking with your head and never give power to change your day to someone who doesn’t even know you.” On that note, he then highlights how two-sided social media can be, and how challenging things do get if not taken with care. “I’m very careful to social media and how I use it,” he candidly admits. “One thing I don’t like watching are stories; they take me out of the present. But as I said, I’m very careful and don’t really make too much use of it. When I expose myself, I like acting just like in real life,” he reflects. “This way, [social media] do not destabilize me. Moreover, I follow a lot of mentally-positive pages on Instagram to fill my brain with good thoughts.” The second before we wrap up, he wisely speaks for the up and coming wave who seek to plunge into the system. “Don’t make opinions of others change you and be confident and aware of who you are.

Jacket: Dhenze
Trousers: Collusion
Shoes: Balenciaga

Blazer : Giambattista Valli x HM
Earring: Alan Crocetti

Top: Dhenze
Trousers: Dhenze
Bracelet: Giovanni raspini
Talent: Raffaele Capuano @south.rc at ELITE Modeling Agency Network @elitemodelworld
Photography: Antonio Eugenio @mrantonioeugenio
Stylist: Martina Ghia @martinaghia