Brain&Beast was born in Barcelona in 2010. Ángel and César, the minds behind the brand, propose mixing garments that combine emotion and reason, with a very strong influence from the contemporary culture without leaving out oodles of sophistication and a serious sense of humor.

This collection by Brain&Beast is a very special one. It celebrates a decade of work. “We continue with the same desire to take the opposite for mental health, we continue betting on the quality product and we call for responsibility when buying only what you love … all these ideas united as pieces of a patchwork, crossed by a needle threaded to fix them together, leaving a mark.”

We had a small conversation with Brain&Beast during the first 080 Barcelona Digital Fashion Week.

How did the coronavirus and consequent confinement impact your brand as a company and how did it affect the creative process?

It coincided with the entire creative process, from the beginning! I tried to make confinement a space to be able to imagine the collection calmly… turning the negative into positive.

What do you miss about the pre-COVID world and something good (if any) that you have learned during this stage?

I miss kissing… kissing more and touching more…

The 080 this year like many other fashion shows worldwide have opted for a 100% digital support. What is the positive and the negative of this change?

The magic of the audience is lost but it is gained in planning and programming … they are compatible, simultaneous, not contrary formats.

So do you think that this way of presenting collections should be maintained in the future?

Yes, I believe in the combination of both.

The digital world was an incessant force of inspiration but also at times it is a barrier in that same inspiration. What do you think of this and how do you use digital tools in your creations?

You have to question everything that appears on the internet, it is not the absolute truth … There is no filter in the excess of information and the original source is lost … images without defined authorship, for example … it seems dangerous to me without control.

All this crisis in the sector has been reflected in environmental improvement. How does your brand try to be sustainable or contribute to a more sustainable operation in the market?

By manufacturing only what is sold with local suppliers, we do not generate stock.

Do you think that the change in consumer’s mentality regarding genderless and creative adjustments of the brands in this regard can also contribute not only to the elimination of certain stigmas but also to this much-needed sustainability?

Let everyone be what they want, without labels and without any discrimination, not even positive discrimination. Respect above all.

What would you highlight from this collection that you present at 080 Barcelona Fashion?

That is a celebration, a party. That everything is very cool, super wearable, and special for me …

Are you already working on new projects that you can tell us about?

I can’t stop, I love my work! The collections are linked to each other… from the previous one comes the next one…


Take a look at the complete presentation below: