Julian Zigerli “HARD 1–4” Fitting

A few days ago Julian Zigerli unveiled his new collection titled “HARD 1–4” in Zurich.

11 SepBackstage. Exclusive. Zurich

Julian Zigerli “HARD 1–4” Collection

This is the four-part collection that has been published every few months since FW20 and was created in collaboration with the artist Shirana Shahbazi.

7 SepCollection. Zurich

Mode Suisse Edition 20 Backstage!

Mode Suisse celebrated its 20th jubilee edition at Halle D in Zurich Altstetten.

3 SepBackstage. Zurich

Mode Suisse Edition 18 ZURICH Backstage!

After showing some of the menswear featured at the latest edition of Mode Suisse, today we bring you in exclusive the backstage photos lensed by Serafin Gerber.

26 SepBackstage. Zurich

Mode Suisse Edition 18

By going ahead with the 18th edition, Mode Suisse is showing its commitment to the active support of Swiss designers even during these difficult times.

10 SepRunway. Zurich

ModeSuisse “Edition 17” Backstage!

In the heart of Zurich, Mode Suisse Edition 17 presented the latest Swiss Fashion at the Landesmuseum on Monday evening.

14 MarBackstage. Zurich

F.Y. video


For the third collection of Forbidden Denimeries, Mikael Vilchez was inspired by his trip to Pantelleria with a mysterious lover.

14 Sep. - Spring/Summer. Video. Zurich

Julian Zigerli FW19 Backstage!

Julian Zigerli unveiled his Fall/Winter 2019 collection with a fashion show in Zurich.

ModeSuisse “Edition 16” Backstage!

In a first for Mode Suisse, Edition 16 commenced with an open-air runway show at the Allgemeine Berufsschule Zürich (ABZ), comprising yet another line-up of promising designers.

1 SepBackstage. Zurich

Julian Zigerli Spring/Summer 2019

Julian Zigerli unveiled his Spring/Summer 2019 collection, titled “I CARROT BELIEVE IT“.

Mode Suisse 15 – Five names to watch!

The edition 15 of Mode Suisse is an experimental evolution of the previous one: densely condensed, contextually interesting.

17 FebZurich

Julian Zigerli Fall/Winter 2018

Julian Zigerli presented his Fall/Winter 2018 collection with a show that was set on the streets in the old town of Zürich.

Inside fashion looks outside – Mode Suisse 13

Well-known designers and young talents met to give birth to a show that aims at promoting the local excellence.

2 MarZurich


The edition 12 of Mode Suisse, took place last Monday showcasing a wealth of design talent.

9 SepZurich


The 11th edition of Mode Suisse, took place last night showcasing a wealth of design talent. The shows featured menswear collection from Adrian Reber, Garnison, some Masters’ students from HEAD – Genève and Julian Zigerli.

8 FebZurich

Mode Suisse – Edition 11 | Zurich

The Mode Suisse organisation has always striven to not only spot fashion talent but also support them along the way.

10 JanEvents. Zurich

Julian Zigerli Spring/Summer 2017

Julian Zigerli showed once again his Spring/Summer 2017 collection, this time in Zurich during Mode Suisse Edition 10.

HEAD – Genève Spring/Summer 2017

Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) presented some of their master collections during during Mode Suisse Edition 10.

DYL Spring/Summer 2017

DYL unveiled its Spring/Summer 2017 collection in Zurich, during Mode Suisse Edition 10.

blank etiquette Spring/Summer 2017

Tosca Wyss presented her Spring/Summer 2017 collection for Blank Etiquette, in Zurich, during Mode Suisse Edition 10.

Adrian Reber Spring/Summer 2017

Adrian Reber showed his Spring/Summer 2017 collection in Zurich, during Mode Suisse Edition 10.

Julian Zigerli Fall/Winter 2016

Julian Zigerli showed once again his Fall/Winter 2016 collection, this time in Zurich during Mode Suisse Edition 9.


Blank Etiquette Fall/Winter 2016

Tosca Wyss presented her Fall/Winter 2016 collection for Blank Etiquette, in Zurich, during Mode Suisse Edition 9.

Adrian Reber Fall/Winter 2016

Adrian Reber showed his Fall/Winter 2016 collection in Zurich, during Mode Suisse Edition 9.

Pelikamo Spring/Summer 2015

Pelikamo presented its Spring/Summer 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich.

Studiopretzel Spring/Summer 2015

Studiopretzel presented its Spring/Summer 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich.

Laend Phungkit Spring/Summer 2014

Laend Phungkit presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich, featuring slightly oversized pieces and beautiful patterns.

P.A.M.B Spring/Summer 2014

P.A.M.B  presented four male looks for Spring/Summer 2014 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich.

Marc Stone Spring/Summer 2014

Marc Stone presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich, searching for the essence of fossils. Rather than remains of a prehistoric organism, they are shown as the leading subject of a journey through form, color and… »


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It was clear from the beginning that it was something to celebrate and nothing makes us feel like celebrating like dancing.

Dominic Fike wearing Calvin Klein captured by Gunner Stahl and styled by Nicks Holiday

Omar Ayuso wearing Givenchy & Ray-Ban Stories sunglasses captured by Jesús Leonardo and styled by Juan Camilo Rodriguez.

10th Anniversary issue #20