Challenging Norms Through Design: A Conversation With Velásquez

In the heart of Velásquez’s design philosophy lies a commitment to exploring personal space and challenging societal norms.

19 AprBarcelona. Interview

Cannon Beach: AVEC AMOUR’s New Collection

The collection is influenced by the idea of a ballet performance, a chilly summer in Oregon, and the ups and downs of love.

13 AprBarcelona. Collection

Embracing Serenity: Bielo’s THE BATHER Collection

Bielo introduced their latest collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion, and it’s all about relaxation.

13 AprBarcelona. Collection

HAMAR: Eñaut Unveils Its 10th Collection

Moving away from his previous themes of natural disasters, Eñaut’s new collection is all about the joy of life. It’s like a final dance, a reminder to enjoy every moment.

13 AprBarcelona. Collection


“SYSTEMATIC DISRUPTION” is a call to think about how reality keeps evolving in our digital world.

12 AprBarcelona. Collection

DOMINNICO Unveils Fall 2024 Collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion

Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro has crafted this collection with a nod to the marine world.

12 AprBarcelona. Collection

Velásquez’s “ABSTRACT”: A Reflection of Marmato’s Soul

Velásquez’s “ABSTRACT” collection, unveiled at 080 Barcelona Fashion, is a profound expression of the designer’s commitment to personal space and cultural identity.

11 AprBarcelona. Collection

Guillermo Justicia’s Mycorrhizal Collection

Justicia’s designs are a creative response to the randomness and chaos of the universe.

11 AprBarcelona. Collection

WORK IN PROGRESS: Free Form Style Keeps Making Fashion for All

Spanish label Free Form Style is all about comfort without sacrificing style, and they’ve got their own unique flair while keeping up with the latest trends.

11 AprBarcelona. Collection

RING RING RAG-TIME: MARTIN ACROSS Unveils New Collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion

In a world where fashion often fades into the background noise of daily life, MARTIN ACROSS’s collection stands as a reminder that within the ordinary lies the power to craft the extraordinary

10 AprBarcelona. Collection

080 Aesthetics: A new space by 080 Barcelona Fashion open to the public and the city of Barcelona

Misato Kindness, the creative studio behind the exhibition, has brought together a diverse group of artists.

9 AprBarcelona. News


Take a look at OUTSIDERS DIVISION’s backstage captured by the lens of Cecilia Gil during the latest edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

Lemachet SS24 Backstage!

Take a look at Lemachet’s Spring/Summer 2024 backstage captured by the lens of Pedro Braga, during 080 Barcelona Fashion, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

EÑAUT Unveils “ESTERTOR” Collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion

EÑAUT presented its latest collection, “ESTERTOR.” It’s a minimalist vision with a strong focus on sustainability.

28 OctBarcelona. Collection

VELÁSQUEZ Presents SS24 Collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion

For Spring/Summer 2024, Velásquez undergoes a retrospective examination of its identity and past work.


The collection sets the stage for a provocative interplay between innocence and edginess.

Lemāchet Unveils “I AM BUT” Collection

‘I am, but’ is all about redirection, reconstruction, and starting anew, setting the course for a fresh direction in men’s fashion.

27 OctBarcelona. Collection

Outsiders Division “EXTRAORDINARIO” Collection

In the latest collection from Outsiders Division, titled ‘Extraordinary,’ the quirks and obsessions of creative director David Méndez Alonso are laid bare across 36 distinct looks.

27 OctBarcelona. Collection

CORE COLLECTION: Carlota Barrera SS24

The Core Collection charts a path forward, envisioning a world where clothing becomes a catalyst for transformation in an ever-shifting landscape.

25 OctBarcelona. Spring/Summer


Leduc pays homage to the aesthetic of Mexican gang culture, with a nod to the “cholos” and “Vatos Locos.”

25 OctBarcelona. Collection


The Artelier’s “WHEN THE NIGHT RETURNS” collection takes inspiration from the concept of time.

25 OctBarcelona. Spring/Summer

ONE REAL WORLD – Fashion Immersive Experience By Studio 1o

The 080 Barcelona Fashion is starting this week and one of the events from the schedule will be the ONE REAL WORLD exhibition.

23 OctBarcelona. Events

080 Barcelona Fashion Unveils Schedule For Its New Edition

080 Barcelona Fashion is gearing up for its next edition, and it’s looking promising with 25 designers and brands set to take the stage.

10 OctBarcelona. News

Meet Óldo Erréve, one of the main protagonists of the next edition of the Berdache festival

Óldo Erréve, a multidisciplinary artist and one of the members of the MUXX collective, sits down with us to get to know him a little better.

22 JulBarcelona. Interview

Exploring the Playful World of Menswear: A Conversation with Designer David Mendez Alonso

Join us for a conversation with David Mendez Alonso, as he gives us a glimpse into his creative process and what we can expect to see from his brand in the future.

Exploring Sustainable Minimalism: EÑAUT’s VULTURNO Collection Raises Awareness on Climate Change

VULTURNO aims to raise awareness about this looming crisis, emphasizing that while the temperatures recorded today may be the highest in history, they’ll be the lowest for our future.

5 MayBarcelona. Collection

Paolo Leduc’s Gambler Tailor

Paolo Leduc’s journey from his childhood days of painting graffiti on walls and trains to becoming a renowned fashion designer is a reflection of his unique personality.

5 MayBarcelona. Collection

Dressing Diversity: FREE FORM STYLE’s Revolution in Inclusive Fashion

FREE FORM STYLE is not just a brand, it’s a movement. It challenges the traditional fashion industry and proves that fashion can be accessible and inclusive for everyone.

5 MayBarcelona. Collection

DOMINNICO “Dildom” Collection: A Futuristic Fusion of Fashion and Artistic Rebellion

The birth of the “Dildom” collection was driven by a desire to foster a sense of unity and inclusivity that extends beyond the world of fashion.

4 MayBarcelona. Collection

Outsiders Division Unveils “Treasure chest” Collection

David’s unique perspective on color and his transgressive approach to reality and emotions are at the heart of every project he undertakes.

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