Exploring the Playful World of Menswear: A Conversation with Designer David Mendez Alonso

Join us for a conversation with David Mendez Alonso, as he gives us a glimpse into his creative process and what we can expect to see from his brand in the future.


Exploring Sustainable Minimalism: EÑAUT’s VULTURNO Collection Raises Awareness on Climate Change

VULTURNO aims to raise awareness about this looming crisis, emphasizing that while the temperatures recorded today may be the highest in history, they’ll be the lowest for our future.

5 MayBarcelona. Collection

Paolo Leduc’s Gambler Tailor

Paolo Leduc’s journey from his childhood days of painting graffiti on walls and trains to becoming a renowned fashion designer is a reflection of his unique personality.

5 MayBarcelona. Collection

Dressing Diversity: FREE FORM STYLE’s Revolution in Inclusive Fashion

FREE FORM STYLE is not just a brand, it’s a movement. It challenges the traditional fashion industry and proves that fashion can be accessible and inclusive for everyone.

5 MayBarcelona. Collection

DOMINNICO “Dildom” Collection: A Futuristic Fusion of Fashion and Artistic Rebellion

The birth of the “Dildom” collection was driven by a desire to foster a sense of unity and inclusivity that extends beyond the world of fashion.

4 MayBarcelona. Collection

Outsiders Division Unveils “Treasure chest” Collection

David’s unique perspective on color and his transgressive approach to reality and emotions are at the heart of every project he undertakes.

The Artelier Unveils “Retiens la nuit” Collection

The latest collection, “Retiens la nuit,” draws inspiration from the elusive nature of time and how it shapes our lives. The shapes in the collection appear to dissolve, simulating the passage of time.

4 MayBarcelona. Collection

Victor von Schwarz: From Barcelona to Hollywood with The American Dream Collection

While this collection is bolder and sexier, it retains the classic cuts and a naive air that are the hallmarks of Victor’s designs.

4 MayBarcelona. Collection

080 Reborn is committed to the use of reused clothing and circular fashion

It is the first runway show of second-hand clothes in 080 Barcelona Fashion.

29 OctBarcelona. Eco

AVELLANEDA Presented a “SUNSET MIRAGE” at 080 Barcelona Fashion

In “Sunset Mirage” masculine and feminine coexist, the elegance of the seventies and the communicative efficiency of social networks.

28 OctBarcelona. Collection

Martín Across Unveil FW23-24 Collection durin 080 Barcelona Fashion

080 Barcelona Fashion has welcomed the FW23-24 proposal of MARTÍN ACROSS, a brand that represents a constant journey of exploration and a collection of objects and textures with designs inspired by sediments, layers and minerals designed for fellow travelers.

DOMINNICO Spring/Summer 2023

Overalls, the motoring world, the truck and its bodywork and, in contrast, nature, are the two inspirations used by DOMINNICO in this proposal conceived under the premises of upcycling and craftsmanship.

Eñaut Spring/Summer 2023

Eñaut presented its new collection titled “UNDER” during 080 Barcelona Fashion.

27 OctBarcelona. Collection

TÍSCAR ESPADAS Presents “CAPÍTULO IV, ACT I” at 080 Barcelona Fashion

The London-raised fashion brand (settled in Spain in 2022) presented its fourth annual collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

26 OctBarcelona. Collection

LR3 Experience: a commitment to technological innovation at 080 Barcelona Fashion

LR3 Experience has shown the new LR3 Louis Rubi collection with a format that will change the way we understand fashion shows.

26 OctBarcelona. Collection

Antonio Marcial: Strangers and Rogues

The collection was inspired by an exhibition (Strange Days & Modern Day Rogues, Boris Postma, 4bid Gallery) that featured images taken in the 1990s and aimed to ask the question: “Gabbers, skinheads, metalheads and other youth subcultures, where are they now?

Paloma Wool Fall/Winter 2022

Paloma Wool has unveiled its proposal for Fall/Winter 2022, mainly focused on prints and natural colors in a simple way.

Victor von Schwarz Unveils New Collection

For his new collection, Victor was inspired by the Asian mafia movies of the 80s and 90s, whose operations center was in the red-light districts of cities like Taipei and Hong Kong.

EÑAUT: Oil Sea

The collection is presented on the twentieth anniversary of the disaster caused by the Prestige, when more than 21,000 tons of oil were spilled into the sea.

TÍSCAR ESPADAS: Capítulo Abierto

TÍSCAR ESPADAS unveiled its new collection titled “Capítulo Abierto” (Open Chapter), in the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art), during 080 Barcelona Fashion.

THE (REAL) GARCIA Unveils New Collection

The collection conveys a new attitude to the classic menswear, more relaxed – without sacrificing comfort, aesthetics, or excellence.

AVELLANEDA: “Au réveil il était midi”

Inspired by Summer, the collection moves to tropical latitudes but stops at the intermediate tones that for decades have given meaning to this season’s elegance.

Antonio Marcial: Cruel and Soft

The designer defines this collection as a “continued reflection on the dark emotions of man”.

31 OctBarcelona. Collection

Paloma Wool: Eternal loop

Paloma Wool explores the concept of “infinite” in a new collection unveiled during 080 Barcelona Fashion.

30 OctBarcelona. Collection

Paola Molet: Camille

Paola Molet showed a collection inspired by Camille Claudel during 080 Barcelona Fashion.

29 OctBarcelona. Interview

AVELLANEDA: Mon coeur bat la chamade

The designer explores classic silhouettes, taking them to unexplored territories.

29 OctBarcelona. Collection

Álvaro Calafat: CHAPTER 2

Álvaro Calafat presents his new collection titled “Capítulo 2: Recuerdo” at the new edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion, which stems from the need to explore “the memories we all keep in the museum of our minds”.

28 OctBarcelona. Collection

Martín Across: On the fragile nature of life

Martín Across presented a collection about “movement” during 080 Barcelona Fashion.

28 OctBarcelona. Collection

THE (REAL) GARCIA: Neutral, flexible and functional.

THE (REAL) GARCIA’s new proposal for the Fall/Winter 2021-22 season, features essential garments for everyday life.

28 OctBarcelona. Collection

LR3 Unveils New Designs at 080 Barcelona Fashion

The label took the catwalk at 080 Barcelona Fashion to show their new proposals, focusing on the Winter season.

26 OctBarcelona. Collection
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