Newcomer Filippo Compagnoni is making sure we’re sticking to his pared-back vibe. The 21-year tutor-turned-model, backed by a strong penchant for creativity and determination, is captivating and is on a constant pursuit for a good time (uhm, aren’t we all). Oscillating effortlessly between his path of self-discovery and his aspirations, Filippo is adamant to his ambitions. “Since I was 17, I enjoyed taking pictures with my bro Robert, one day I decided to apply to become a model, but my first agency wasn’t the best fit for me,” he recalls. “After a year signed with them, I decided to switch to Next Models, and it’s been a great journey thus far.” It takes a while to grow as a person, but it gets harder when support is lacking. “The last day of school, my schoolmates asked me what I will do once I completed my studies school,” he says. “When I told them that I wanted to become a model, they laughed at my answer, a factor that made me even more determined to establish myself as a model.” Nudging on the negative side of the ‘gram and the general media sphere, he speaks frankly about how he perceives e-trolling. “I love my haters,” he explains, chuckling, at the time where boundaries should have been broken. “They make me stronger because I know that they are thinking about me.” As our conversation draws to a close, his advice feels valuable in an increasingly competitive system. “Be yourself, never change yourself for someone who underestimates you. If a person isn’t keen on making an effort with you, fuck it; there’s always someone else.”

Talent: Filippo Compagnoni @filippocmon at NEXT Management @nextmodels
Photographer and Creative Director: Giuseppe Morello @b.ppe
Editor: Chidozie Obasi @chido.obasi
Stylist: Marco Van den Hove @marco_vandenhove
Grooming: Andrea Savino @andy.savino
Editorial Assistant: Ettore Mordenti @ettorisio
Stylist Assistant: Giovanni Tritto @giovannitritto
Brands: Marni, Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace