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Boys will be boys, apparently. Whether labeled as stubborn or grand part of the issues our generation are facing on social terms, boys’ got feelings too. Tommaso Scrivani is a young talent on the cusp of growth. “I’m friendly, chatty, and humble,” he tells me when we pick up the phone to speak to me, in good spirit, laughing charismatically. Up next, he unleashes his best moment yet of his young career, with unguarded openness: “My favorite experience has been taking pictures in the middle of a swamp,” he reminisces. “At that moment I felt different than usual, in fact, there wasn’t the usual make-up artist and hairdresser but just me, the photographer and nature.” Sounds pretty whimsical. His ambition, like many of his fellows, aches of cracking the system and becoming the next Marlon Brando of the decade. Tricky? Maybe, but attainable for sure. Despite wanting to venture into high fashion and seeking to plant change amidst culture, his main desire remains a new dawn for his generation and those to come. “I hope for a fearless, daring new generation,” he reflects, “a generation that isn’t scared to storm ideas to better society on all levels.” As empowered as he could get, we can’t help but root for this chap.

Shirt Fendi / Shorts Thom Browne

Total Look Bottega Veneta

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Talent: Tommaso Scrivani @tommasoscrivani at 3mmodels @3mmodels
Photographer and Creative Director: Dave Masotti @davemasotti
Editor: Chidozie Obasi @chido.obasi
Stylist: Giorgia Toscani @giorgiatoscani
Grooming: Cinzia Trifiletti @cinziatri
Editorial Assistant: Ettore Mordenti @ettorisio
Brands: Bottega Veneta, Versace, Fendi, Thom Browne, Dior