Fatherhood, Function, and Fashion: A Chat with Emeric Tchatchoua of 3.Paradis

Since launching in 2013, designer Emeric Tchatchoua has created a distinct aesthetic influenced by pop culture and streetwear with 3.Paradis.

5 OctExclusive. Interview

ROJUU: “I hate adults and I hate the world”

The internet has destroyed a part of me, I don’t like people’s opinions, I don’t like to know what everyone thinks.

4 OctExclusive. Interview

Auralee SS22: A little chat with Ryota Iwai

We caught up with the designer behind the brand to find out more about this season’s collection, concepts, and what we can expect for spring.


Cuatro artistas, una firma y miles de historias. PULL&BEAR sirve como puente entre dos inolvidables generaciones gracias a su nueva campaña “30 YEARS YOUNG”.

21 SepExclusive. Interview

Talent, passion and heart – A little chat with Leo Gassmann

At seven he started playing classical guitar, at nine he got accepted to the Santa Cecilia state conservatory, and, ultimately, he devoted himself to singing.

17 SepExclusive. Interview

Asis Percales, The artist behind the artwork of the new Dr Martens store in Barcelona

On the occasion of the opening, the artist made a live mural in the shop window.

14 SepInterview

ICY HOT – A Chat With Saul Nanni

He has a biblical name, a passion for football, and ice-blue eyes.

11 SepExclusive. Interview

RULE NUMBER ONE: COMMUNICATE – A little chat with Alessandro Bedetti

The eighteen-year-old, freshly-graduated Alessandro from Bologna has become a real star of the new generations’ most-loved video-sharing platform with a following of almost one and a half million people.

3 SepExclusive. Interview

WurLD Taking on the World with STAMINA and SPUNK

Nigeria has been hot on the scene with a new-gen breaking afrobeat out in the overseas market. 

13 AugExclusive. Interview. Music

Southern Sound – A chat with AIELLO

In his vessels, Greeks, Norman and Byzantine blood; in his heart the South fire, in his voice the MEDITERRANEO sound: AIELLO is a moving artist, tainted and contemporary.

9 AugInterview. Music

The actions and emotions of David Solans

We walk back through the unstoppable career of the young actor who continues to accumulate unclassifiable and interesting projects. Photographed by Erion Hegel Kross and styled by Rita Bassols.

6 AugInterview

A Conversation with BOJ

Nigerian rising star BOJ shared a few days ago a new single, ‘Money and Laughter’.

1 AugInterview. Music

TOMMYXINDYA: Celebrating Uniqueness, Beauty and Diversity

Tommy Hilfiger unveiled a new capsule collection that celebrates the uniqueness, beauty and diversity of the global community and the belief that great style knows no boundaries, with a range of size-inclusive, non-gendered designs.

20 JulCapsule. Interview

Sensitivity is the key – A little chat with Andrea Lattanzi


“Colour is a matter of taste and of sensitivity.” – Paul Manet, artist

The colors in Manuel’s universe are hundreds, thousands, millions: infinite. Manuel wants to help his mother to spend good moments during her two years of house arrest. His… »

17 JulInterview

A Conversation With Vincenzo Palazzo from VÌEN ATELIER

Music has been a constant reference for Vincenzo Palazzo since the first Vìen collection and it is no surprise that this is once again used as inspiration.

Think Green! A Conversation with Designer Francisco Terra of Neith Nyer

“I would like to change the way people consume fashion. I want them to drop mass-market brands and see independent designers as an option.”

WEEKDAY Encouraging A Circular Mindset, Innovation And Responsibility. A Conversation With Per Axén

Swedish brand WEEKDAY continues to be on top of innovation and sustainability, encouraging a circular mindset and responsibility.

6 JulEco. Interview

A conversation with BABE RAINBOW

Babe Rainbow is an Australian psych-rock band that originated from the surf.

19 JunInterview. Music

6 LGBTQ+ Artists from Barcelona Celebrate Pride Month with BIMBA Y LOLA

The artist Leo Adef brings together six LGTBQ + artists from the Barcelona scene to celebrate PRIDE month together with BIMBA Y LOLA.

18 JunInterview

A star called Isabella – A little chat with Michele Lamanna

We met Michele Lamanna some days ago in Milan to speak about the brand, the SS22 collection, and the future…

18 JunInterview

RAW! UNCUT! VIDEO! a Love Story About Fetish Porn

We caught up with documentary filmmakers Ryan A. White and Alex Clausen after the Molodist festival because we had so many questions and one documentary didn’t feel like enough!

16 JunInterview

A conversation with French electronic musician Lewis OfMan

Currently finishing his first album, coming out later this year, here is our conversation with this cool kid becoming one of the most promising electronic artists of our generation.

14 JunInterview. Music

A Conversation with Genesis Owusu

The Ghanian-born, Canberra-based artist is becoming renowned for a maverick presence and an ability to conjure powerful storytelling in diverse forms, as he embraces a winding sonic path of his own.

5 JunInterview. Music

A chat with IED students about the new masculinity in fashion

Times are definitely changing, and fashion has always been a reflection of that and even sometimes the cause that triggered the change. A new generation of fashion students is proof of that.

31 MayInterview

A conversation with MAC WETHA

Few days ago saw the release of “REM”, the deliciously offbeat yet oddly infectious new track by Mac Wetha, and the first taste of his upcoming EP “Make It Thru”.

27 MayInterview. Music

From ten to Zero – A chat with Miguel Gobbo Diaz

We met him a few weeks ago to discuss work and new projects, life and passions.

21 MayExclusive. Interview

Nicholas Wolf Wants To Bother You

Nicholas Wolf is a designer, creative director, photographer and model with dreams, nay, plans, that stretch across a number of creative mediums.

20 MayInterview

A Little Chat with Ali Abdulrahim from Mai-Gidah

His new collection, “Tafiya”, which he refers to as “a journey to an unknown but utopian destination”, is the result of a commitment to himself to make a proposal that represents him absolutely and with which he feels fully identified.

17 MayCollection. Interview

A conversation with BAIS

Bais is one of the most promising Italian artists with a rich and sophisticated palette, fusing elements of pop melancholy, R&B, smooth and alternative sounds.

14 MayInterview. Music

An enthusiastic conversation with Years & Years’ front singer Olly Alexander

While waiting for the third album, which is expected to be out later this year, we met Olly on Zoom to discuss his upcoming new era, the pandemic and how social platforms are changing the music industry.

12 MayInterview. Music
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