Anthony Willis is a Los Angeles-based artist and rapper, we caught up over a FaceTime call to discuss his latest double single ‘car pack’ featuring the tracks ‘Nissan’ and ‘Pink Lac’, the latest with a music video directed by Globe.

Hey what’s your favorite color?

It’s orange, sadly.

What’s your favorite food?

I’m honestly a big fan of fettuccine right now but at the end of the day, chicken wings will always have my heart, for real, for real.

You just dropped a new music video called ‘Pink Lac’, what’s that? A pink lake?

Um… nah, Pink Lac is short for Pink Cadillac, that’s why there was a Pink Cadillac in the entire video.

The single cover reminds me of Baby Driver film poster, if there was a ‘Car Pack’ movie what would be the plot?

That’s honestly what I was going for haha, that and the old Quentin Tarantino movie posters. Pink Lac is a metaphor for lust while Nissan is a metaphor for love. I’d want the plot to be me literally chasing a figurative version of love. Like, imagine a big-ass heart mascot in the middle of a desert running while I’m chasing it but I keep getting distracted by figurative versions of lust. Like, a BBL mascot or something. And I’d keep hallucinating, seeing mirages. They’d consist of the BBL mascot in a pink Cadillac doing donuts around me and the heart mascot in a Nissan driving further and further away from me insinuating that lust is like running in circles, but love is more so like moving forward.

What about kittens? Why do you love them?

They’re just so pure. They wake up, eat, play, use the restroom and do it all over again. They remind me of the childhood I’ll never have again.

Did you ever sample a kitten on a track?

Not exactly haha, but I made a TikTok where I turned one of my songs down so my kitten could meow “on the track”.

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Cats, 100 percent. It’s mainly because of the huge contrast in co-dependency. I’ve always looked at dogs as children who NEED their parents while cats are more like teenagers who don’t necessarily NEED their parents anymore but will remind them from time to time that they’ll always want and love us. I feel like people don’t like cats because of selfishness, a lot of the time. Those people NEED something to depend on them to feel meaning. So they get dogs.

Will there be a Cat Pack release in the near future?

Absolutely not but probably LMAO.

When are you coming to Europe?

I wanna come NOWWWWW but I guess I just gotta wait till it’ll all make sense for me to be there.

Any last words to Fucking Young readers?

Either it’ll work out or it won’t. That’s the beauty of it so stay beautiful.

Watch ‘Pink Lac’ below: