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PortugalFashion Fall/Winter 2014 Schedule

Portugal Fashion’s “ORGANIC” edition will take place from the 26th – 29th March. Portraying fashion as a living organism, pulsating and unique, the event will again take place across two cities. The first day will be in Lisbon… »

25 MarEvents. Runway

The Best of Portugal Fashion SS17

Last month the 39th edition of Portugal Fashion was celebrated. The best of Portuguese design was showcased across Lisbon and Porto during four days full of creativity, mastery and novelty. Here are 6 examples we loved from this season’s shows.

2 NovOporto. Spring/Summer

Greetings from Portugal

The ones to watch at PortugalFashion. Our top 5!

24 MarOporto

Mafalda Fonseca Fall/Winter 2016

Mafalda Fonseca presented her Fall/Winter 2016 collection during PortugalFashion. The collection sprang from idea of ‘tilling’ all the components of the garments.

Julio Torcato Fall/Winter 2016

Julio Torcato presented his Fall/Winter 2016 collection during PortugalFashion. This collection is a fusion between minimalist, classic aesthetics, high quality and strong identity, fine materials and detail, the best of traditional Portuguese tailoring and the contemporary.

Estelita Mendonça Fall/Winter 2016

Estelita Mendonça unveiled his Fall/Winter 2016 collection during PortugalFashion. The initial function of the garment: the protection of the human being, was the starting point for this collection, where the designer re-used materials like camping tents and Papa blankets (100%… »

F.Y. Loves

I just love it.

Antínoo wears Xavi Reyes

New capsule collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts by the Spanish designer Xavi Reyes.

Available HERE.

28 Mar

HIBU Fall/Winter 2016

Marta Gonçalves and Gonçalo Páscoa presented their Fall/Winter 2016 collection for HIBU during PortugalFashion. This collection aims to deconstruct the conventional wardrobe and push it by erasing the idea of what a garment should look, how it… »

Mafalda Fonseca SS16 Backstage!

Take a look at Mafalda Fonseca‘s SS16 backstage photographed by Daniel Nunes during PortugalFashion, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

28 OctBackstage. Oporto

Mafalda Fonseca Spring/Summer 2016

Mafalda Fonseca presented her Spring/Summer 2016 collection at BLOOM, during PortugalFashion.

KLAR Spring/Summer 2016

Alexandre Marrafeiro, Andreia Oliveira and Tiago Carneiro unveiled their Spring/Summer 2016 collection for KLAR at BLOOM during PortugalFashion. Bringing the faces of a past youth, KLAR doesn’t mind the gap. Gothic and classical revival with refined sensibilities focused on a highly… »

Hugo Costa Spring/Summer 2016

Hugo Costa presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection during PortugalFashion.

Meam by Ricardo Preto Spring/Summer 2016

Meam by Ricardo Preto presented its Spring/Summer 2015 collection during PortugalFashion. The sea, the fishermen, the villages of the Portuguese coastline are the starting port of this collection. The color palette is inspired by the marine… »

Estelita Mendonça Spring/Summer 2016

Estelita Mendonça presented his Spring/Summer 2015 collection during PortugalFashion. Climbing is materialised in this collection, where neutral shades and pastels with touches of colour awaken our senses taking us back to the formal balance.

Júlio Torcato Spring/Summer 2016

Júlio Torcato unveiled his Spring/Summer 2015 collection during PortugalFashion.

Storytailors Spring/Summer 2016

João Branco and Luís Sanchez presented their Spring/Summer 2016 collection for Storytailors during PortugalFashion. “Diário de uma princesa em descoberta” combines three stories from Portuguese culture: the legend of “The three enchanted Moorish women”; the story of “Princess Saint… »

VICRI Fall/Winter 2015

VICRI presented its Fall/Winter 2015 collection during PortugalFashion. Inspired by the movie Quadrophenia and the MOD movement, where the striking aesthetic became a way of life, this season VICRI offers stylish outfits comprised of flawless coordinates. The very… »


KLAR Fall/Winter 2015

Alexandre Marrafeiro, Andreia Oliveira and Tiago Carneiro unveiled their Fall/Winter 2015 collection for KLAR at BLOOM during PortugalFashion.

Estelita Mendonça Fall/Winter 2015

Estelita Mendonça presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection during PortugalFashion.

Hugo Costa Fall/Winter 2015

Hugo Costa presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection during PortugalFashion. This collection found inspiration in the Tibetan nomads’ garments. Exposed to harsh climates, these people were forced to reinvent the use of clothing. The collection is built around… »

Mafalda Fonseca Fall/Winter 2015

Mafalda Fonseca presented her Fall/Winter 2015 collection at BLOOM during PortugalFashion.

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