Estelita Mendonça unveiled its Spring/Summer 2022 collection titled “Terra Nullius”, during Portugal Fashion. Terra Nullius is a Latin expression meaning, no man’s land.

It is a principle often used in international law to justify claims that a territory can be acquired through the occupation of it by a state.

Micronation is a political entity whose members claim to belong to an independent nation or sovereign state not legally recognised by world governments or international organisations. The vast majority are geographically very small, but range in size from 0.09m2 to over 800,000 km2 and are usually the result of a single individual. Starting from these two mutually influencing concepts, Estelita Mendonça question the idea of Nation, geographic boundary, national symbology and the dimension of identity associated with these concepts.

Using workwear clothing, which reminds us of this idea of uniform identity, we rework materials, textures, shapes and techniques. Associated with an idea of nomadism (be it physical or mental) and with a strong political component, Estelita is a space for questioning and constant research that seeks to convey a strong message about the designer’s point of view in relation to the world and humanity.