Ana Sousa and Joana Braga are UNFLOWER, a young slow-fashion brand that unveils its latest Spring/Summer 2022 collection titled ‘If We Take Na Holiday’ at Portugal Fashion.

The brand cares about the current fashion system, in which values ​​such as durability and quality are assured, with all the pieces being produced in Portugal with extreme care and dedication.

Ana and Joana have a particular taste for art history and flowers, with the aim of associating the aesthetics of art with clothing, in pieces that speak for themselves in a fun universe, where combinations of color and details reign.

“Summer gives us a feeling of material freedom. Light linens, fresh knits, organic cotton on luminous, wet skin. The desire to carry everything, hands-free. A thousand pockets full of shells. The different patterns of family shirts at buffet dinners.”

Summer – sometimes it can happen in the simplest way: drops of salty seawater in the hair. A woman and a man reading on the hot sand. The dried flowers in the bikini on the balcony of the Ipanema hotel. Dive headfirst into chlorine. A towel over the body – twisted. The sun passing through the photographs…