AVEC AMOUR showcased their new “CANNON BEACH” collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion. This collection draws inspiration from memories that linger in the back of our minds, like old dreams that we can barely recall. It’s about the yearning for experiences we’ve missed out on, which is at the heart of what AVEC AMOUR does.

The collection is influenced by the idea of a ballet performance, a chilly summer in Oregon, and the ups and downs of love.

Staying true to AVEC AMOUR’s identity, the collection features handcrafted ceramic pieces and vintage fabrics, paired with modern styles layered over classic designs. Black and white remain the dominant colors, but there’s also a splash of new hues like burgundy, navy, and yellow. Materials like tweed and tapestry give the collection a distinctive feel.

“CANNON BEACH” also nods to vintage sports gear and academic fashion, with pleats, stripes, and bomber jackets. It brings back the style of the 60s and 70s, with mini-dresses and short sets that remind us of icons like Jane Birkin. The collection is subtly sensual and revisits basic pieces to capture AVEC AMOUR’s essence.

Check it out below: