MARTIN ACROSS unveiled his latest collection titled “RING RING RAG-TIME”, at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Inspired by Raphael Ortíz Montañez’s “Ring Ring Rag-Time,” the collection captures the essence of moments suspended in time—each piece a fragmentary impression, a repetitive yet unique snapshot of life. It’s a dance of fabric and form, creating a cathartic release for those who encounter it.

The collection delves deep into the notion of timelessness, viewing it through a kaleidoscope of perspectives as multifaceted as the infinite nature of π. It’s a celebration of the mundane, transformed into the extraordinary through a process of deconstruction and creation. The impact of overpopulation is subtly woven into the narrative, presenting a tapestry of diverse faces in crowded spaces—a study in humanity.

In a world where fashion often fades into the background noise of daily life, MARTIN ACROSS’s collection stands as a bold statement—a reminder that within the ordinary lies the power to craft the extraordinary, and within every moment, there is a story waiting to be told.

Check out the collection below: