The 33rd edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion is introducing “080 Aesthetics,” a new initiative that’s all about sparking conversations and new ideas in the fashion world. It’s a chance for creators and designers to think about new ways to express themselves and connect with others in the industry.

The event is bigger and more open to the public than ever before. They’ve set up a digital exhibition called “080 Aesthetics” in the Puríssima Pavilion, where you can see work from some top-notch artists who are all about fashion. The goal is to get people thinking about where fashion is headed and to give them a cool experience that mixes art, music, and tech.

With this move, 080 Barcelona Fashion is becoming a go-to spot for checking out the latest in digital art and fashion, thanks to some serious tech innovation.

Misato Kindness, the creative studio behind the exhibition, has brought together a diverse group of artists. You’ll find the innovative works of Andrei Warren, Bryan Huynh, Daniel Sannwald, Hans Reyes, Jon Emmony, Miroslav Perkovik & Miliça Lukic, Oscar Zabala, Sucuk und Bratwurst, Unax Lafuente, Yuen Hsieh, and Rodolfo Hernández. Each artist uses technology in their own unique way to create something special.

If you are in Barcelona, make sure to stop by and take a look!