Velásquez’s “ABSTRACT” collection, unveiled at 080 Barcelona Fashion, is a profound expression of the designer’s commitment to personal space and cultural identity. Drawing from the rich heritage of Marmato, the Colombian town where the designer grew up, the collection is a celebration of the mining culture that defines the working class. It’s a statement against the imperialist systems and a confrontation of cultural stereotypes through the medium of design.

The journey of “ABSTRACT” takes us through the complex history of Marmato, a town with a heart of gold and a spirit of resistance. It’s a place where indigenous peoples, Afro-descendant communities, farmers, traditional miners, and foreigners have woven a tapestry of multiculturalism, myths, and magic. The collection encapsulates the essence of this town, its stories of witches, witchcraft, and spells, and the dreams that glitter like the gold they seek.

Each piece in the collection is a testament to the Barequero—the small-scale gold miners who, with their traditional tools, dig for dreams in the dusty, lustreless backdrop of Marmato. The unpaved streets, the cracked buildings, and the relentless pursuit of gold are all reflected in the designs. Gold, the symbol of divinity and superiority, becomes a metaphor for the tireless efforts of the miners, whose bodies become tools in the quest for a treasure that often slips through their fingers like dust.

This collection is not just about the past; it’s a reimagination of a different upbringing. It fantasizes about a world where the disappearance of a patriarchal, sexist, and homophobic society would have allowed the outcasts of a generation to thrive. It’s a vision of what could have been—a society where everyone is valued, and the dreams of the marginalized are realized.

Check out the collection below: