Eñaut, the designer from Guipúzcoa, revealed his tenth collection at the 080 Barcelona Fashion. The collection, aptly named HAMAR, which translates to ‘number 10’ in Basque, marks a milestone as his tenth and most personal collection to date.

Moving away from his previous themes of natural disasters, Eñaut’s new collection is all about the joy of life. It’s like a final dance, a reminder to enjoy every moment.

Black was the main color this time, with touches of metal for a simple yet sophisticated look. Eñaut revisited and revamped shapes from his past collections, giving them a fresh spin. The collection is a call to dance, even with the end of the world on the horizon, to live as though today is all we have. The show, with its live music and a dance invitation at the end, was memorable.

Check out the collection below: