Aitor Martínez “INC” Collection

Aitor Martínez is the winner of the Fucking Young! x Felicidad Duce Award 2013. The “INK” collection was presented during the annual fashion show of Felicidad Duce, featuring an interesting use of color block and textures.

Miriam Ponsa Spring/Summer 2014

Miriam Ponsa presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion, inspired by Lumberjacks. Part of the research for this collection was into textile finishing techniques which led to the weathering of the finished garment by exposure… »

Josep Abril Spring/Summer 2014

Josep Abril presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Alexis Reyna Spring/Summer 2014

Alexis Reyna presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion, featuring a slightly oversized looks with a strong emphasis on patchwork, print and a mesh of patterns.

Brain&Beast Spring/Summer 2014

Brain&Beast unveiled their Spring/Summer 2014 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion. Entitled “Exotica“, this collection reflects on games, riddles, hieroglyphics of apparent structural simplicity, that respond to complex geometrical equations in which color and materials form parts of… »

Manuel Bolaño Spring/Summer 2014

Manuel Bolaño presented his “Bleu en Français” Spring/Summer 2014 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion.

“Listen with bated breath to the vague impulses of your heart. Small pains among the pale flowers. Now I rise, now I feel… »

Albéniz Spring/Summer 2014

Maite Albéniz Zúñiga presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection for Albéniz during 080 Barcelona Fashion. Entitled “Angel” the collection took Mick Jagger as a reference, presenting a slim clean vertical silhouette. The color scheme is pastel greens,… »

Krizia Robustella Spring/Summer 2014

Krizia Robustella presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion. Entitled “Bananas is my Business” is inspired by the eccentric and colorful Carmen Miranda.

“I wonder why does everybody look at me and then begin to… »

Selim de Somavilla Spring/Summer 2014

“Three Thousand Words” is the Spring/Summer 2014 offering from designer Selim de Somavilla. The collection presented today during 080 Barcelona Fashion highlights a duality of sexes, that unite eventually to make one. Square is, in the majority… »

IED “Contrasts” 2013 Fashion Show

Andra Handaric

Idan Gilony

Beatriz De La Fragua

Maria Javiera Stamna

Yulia Tolstobrova

IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny presented “Contrasts“, the ninth edition of their annual fashion show. The students who created a… »

080 Barcelona Fashion Schedule

Here is the amazing schedule for the Spring/Summer 2014 shows in Barcelona.

25 JunBarcelona

080 Barcelona Fashion Backstage. An exclusive for FuckingYoung!

Take a look at 080 Barcelona Fashion Backstage photographed by Rainer Torrado in exclusive for Fucking Young!

31 JanBackstage. Barcelona

Alexis Reyna Fall/Winter 2013

Alexis Reyna presented his Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion, dominated by deconstruction, masculine silhouettes and eager experimentation with the use of fabric and his own strong prints forming the brand’s DNA.

Jan iú Més for Punto Blanco Fall/Winter 2013

Jan iú Més presented their Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection for Punto Blanco at 080 Barcelona Fashion. The “in&out” line is a proposal somewhere between homewear and streetwear, prioritizing comfort, relaxation and calm without ever sacrificing character or personality.

Josep Abril Fall/Winter 2013

Josep Abril showed a well tailored Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion. Entitled “Redemption”, the collection featured beautiful knitwear and relaxed silhouettes.

Manuel Bolaño Fall/Winter 2013

Manuel Bolaño presented his Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion. The collection, inspired by a friend that loves the yellow color, mixed amish with asian references.

Brain&Beast Fall/Winter 2013

Brain&Beast presented its Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion. Entitled “Erotic“, the collection features lots of denim, pied de poule and oversized silhouettes.

Krizia Robustella Fall/Winter 2013

Self-defined as “Sport Deluxe”. Krizia Robustella takes as a reference sportwear from the past to creates her own universe where comfort merges with luxury and luxury moves into shapes and fabrics that were previously reserved for formal occasions. For Fall/Winter… »

080 Barcelona Fashion Fall/Winter 2013 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Fall/Winter 2013 shows in Barcelona.

17 JanBarcelona

Punto Blanco Spring/Summer 2013

So, even the hardest working editors have to clear their minds and take some time off from heavy editorial duties. That’s precisely why this morning our computers were left unattended and we joined our peers at 080 Fashion Week, hosted under privileged… »

13 JulBarcelona. Spring/Summer

Alexis Reyna Spring/Summer 2013

Alexis Reyna is a fashion designer from Barcelona. He has worked for several international fashion labels and studied at Central Saint Martins in London. Alexis Reyna label established in 2008, first with womenswear and later with his menswear line.Award… »

13 JulBarcelona. Spring/Summer


It was not long before people expressed an interest in what she was wearing and it was from that point onwards that her career as a designer kicked off at the start of the 70s. Lurdes Bergada &… »

13 JulBarcelona. Spring/Summer


Born in Cologne, Germany, Siki Im moved to the UK and studied architecture at the Oxford School of Architecture. After working as an architect in various cities around the world, he started his career in fashion in New… »

12 JulBarcelona. Spring/Summer

Manuel Bolaño Spring/Summer 2013

Since 2008 Manuel Bolaño has unveiled his collections at 080 Barcelona Fashion and has won the prize for the best female collection on two occasions. This time, his collection is entitled: “La première toile”.

12 JulBarcelona. Spring/Summer

Gori de Palma Spring/Summer 2013

A creator whose work revolves around the color black. Gori de Palma has kept to a formal approach in the field of fashion where the afterpunk filter, and everything industrial, dense and sexual, affect his collections.

BRAIN & BEAST Spring/Summer 2013

BRAIN & BEAST offers a personal point of view concerning today’s clothing for men and women. High quality and personality have always been his mottos, working for real people living in a real world.

10 JulBarcelona. Spring/Summer

Miriam Ponsa Spring/Summer 2013

The firm Miriam Ponsa is known for its research into textures and the use of artisanal techniques. Different techniques such as handcrafted knitwear with mixed fibers are used to create textures, tapestry and basket-weaving techniques are used.

080 Barcelona Fashion Spring/Summer 2013 Schedule

080 Barcelona Fashion aims to turn Barcelona and Catalonia into a benchmark for creativity, innovation and both design generation and projection in the fashion industry, in the broadest sense of the word.

Here is the amazing schedule for the Spring/Summer 2013… »

25 JunBarcelona

080 BACKSTAGE by Rainer Torrado

Rainer Torrado has slipped into the backstage during 080 Barcelona Fashion. Take a look!

Pierre Cardin – 080 Barcelona Fashion

29 JanBarcelona. Collection
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