Bielo introduced their latest collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion, and it’s all about relaxation. The collection, named “The Bather,” feels light and airy, just like floating underwater.

It’s designed to give you that same sense of freedom you get from a good soak in the tub. With a focus on soft knits, cool jacquard, and playful embroidery, the clothes are all about taking it easy and feeling free.

Drawing inspiration from the laid-back vibe of Turkish baths, the bold colors in Peter Doig’s paintings, and the precision of Korean diving, Bielo’s collection is a mix of different cultures. They’ve chosen materials like cotton, linen, silk, and super light cashmere to make sure each piece is not just good-looking but also super comfortable.

Wearing these clothes is meant to be a peaceful experience. They’re so comfy, you might even forget you’re wearing them. That’s the kind of chill, easygoing style Bielo is going for—clothes that let you relax and feel great without making a big fuss.

Check it out below: