MA-MAN15 Lookbook #2

Today we present you the second lookbook of all designers on MA Menswear at The London College of Fashion, featuring model Robert Suthers photographed by Lewis Hayward & Shimo Zhou.

23 SepCollection. Introducing

Introducing: Patricio Campillo

Patricio Campillo unveiled his Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook, featuring Iasonas Laios photographed by Gorka Postigo. His debut collection is a dialogue between what is relevant now and what he feels that will shape the future in terms of… »

17 SepFall/Winter. Introducing

Introducing Renée Bedell

Renée Bedell is a recent menswear fashion graduate from Kingston University with strong… »

11 SepCollection. Introducing

Introducing Bei Kuo

Not too long ago, described 26-year old designer x performance artist Bei Kuo as “easily the most out-there of the bunch” in her Parsons New School of Design Masters of Fine Arts Fashion Design and Society program. The publication was reflecting on… »

11 SepIntroducing

Parsons MFA Spring/Summer 2015

Parsons presented the collections of their Fashion Design graduates, during New York Fashion Week.

Introducing Verena Schepperheyn

Verena Schepperheyn is a Fashion Master graduate from the Artez Fashion Masters in Arnhem (Netherlands). Her menswear collection, titled ‘All this in its place for now’, is built by following the Wabi Sabi aesthetic.

2 SepCollection. Introducing

The Swedish School of Textiles SS15

The Swedish School of Textiles presented the collections of their Fashion Design graduates, during Fashion Week Stockholm.

Introducing C S’TUDIO

By integrating art print into designs, C S’TUDIO try to create a contemporary and elegant “present”. From this, No.221 was born with two designers Xi Zhu and Limin Han, graduated with a master degree from LCF in fashion… »

27 AugCollection. Introducing

Introducing: Inge de Vor

Inge de Vor invited photographer Hanneke van Leeuwen to create images to support her first collection of scarves called “Composed Elements”. This resulted in a series of photographic collages, which is called “NO-BODY”.

16 AugAccesories. Introducing

Introducing: The World Is Your Oyster

The World Is Your Oyster is a newly established Hong Kong-based menswear label founded by two designers, Calvin Chan & Joyce Kun. It aims to provide the essential style and quality for the gentlemen of the new generation…. »

4 AugCollection. Introducing

Introducing MER

MER is a young fashion due formed by Federico Protto Scutti from Uruguay and Attila Lajos from Hungary, both students in Angewandte, the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Contradicting themes are the main sources of inspiration, ideals, group-thinking, from free-will… »

3 AugCollection. Introducing

Introducing Sing Yu Chan

Sing Yu Chan is a student from London College of Fashion Menswear. For the Final Major Project collection, Sing Yu Chan explored the concept of “Metamorphosis” through the colors, deconstructed tailoring and organic fabrics.

27 JulCollection. Introducing

Introducing Sandro Gaeta

Sandro Gaeta works as a textile designer in Como. Following his dreams, Sandro created his first collection, trying to tell a story with beautiful details, structured volumes and geometric patterns.

25 JulCollection. Introducing

#PolimodaShow2014 Graduates

POLIMODA, the International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing, presented on its catwalk the twenty best collections of the Fashion Design graduates. No specific theme was given by the teachers, thus allowing each designer to fully express his… »

20 JulCollection. Introducing

Introducing: Pedro Covelo

Pedro Covelo is the latest winner of Modafad, an International  launch pad for emerging designers that represents the emergency, the risk, the talent and the independent investigation, presented during 080 Barcelona Fashion. The collection is based in “The Kinds of Beauty”… »

18 JulIntroducing

Introducing Johanne Dindler

Johanne Dindler is a graduated student from the Royal College of Art with an MA menswear degree. Her designs explore colors, graphics and volumious shapes, whilst having a great attention to detail. For the final collection Johanne was inspired by… »

16 JulCollection. Introducing

Introducing MAN.JOB

MAN.JOB is a creative menswear brand that encourages the individual to express opinion and identity through the medium of unbranded clothing. Inspired by 1950s work wear, MAN JOB manipulates tradition through its unpredictable coupling of fabrication and colour ways. Men are… »

9 JulCollection. Introducing

Introducing Noelia Aranda

Noelia Aranda, a fashion student at FDModa (Barcelona), presents us her graduation collection titled “WASTE“. Inspired by the passage of time, the collection features Japanease-inspired shapes and colours.

3 JulCollection. Introducing

Introducing Malús Arbide

Malús Arbide is an artist and textile pattern designer. Her designs, which are applied both to traditional paintings as well as to a series of textile products, are characterized by the reinterpretation of images and contemporary objects, by… »

1 JulAccesories. Introducing

Introducing HIE

HIE is a project collaboration between London College of Fashion Menswear and Textiles students. HIE designers use layers, gradient and texture as the main tools to achieve astonishing effects into modern tailoring, knitwear and print. The main inspiration for the… »

30 JunCollection. Introducing

Introducing Elaine Lui

Elaine Lui is a Fashion Design student at SCAD Atlanta, recently graduated at the end of May. Titled ‘IT’S ON‘, Elaine’s senior thesis collection drew inspiration from her native Hong Kong night scene, with mesh-overlaid streetwear details covered with… »

Introducing Benjamin Monein

Benjamin Monein is a fashion student from  La Cambre Mode/s/ in Belgium.  His bachelor collection was inspired by hardware bugs, attitude and the spirit of punks from Studio Paradiso. The collection is titled “UNUNSEPTIUM”, the name of the new artificial… »

26 JunCollection. Introducing

Introducing Ellinor Lindqvist

Ellinor Lindqvist is a fashion student from IED Barcelona. Her final thesis collection draws inspiration from childhood memories. From the moment when you are lying in bed in your pyjamas after the bedtime story has been read. In the collection… »

25 JunCollection. Introducing

Introducing Freddie&Teddy

Freddie&Teddy is a collaboration between a group of students from London College of Fashion. Their theme was British Identity and they looked at Poly Styrene & Quentin Blake. The result is “Poseur!” – a humorous collection for the young at… »

25 JunCollection. Introducing

MA-MAN15 Lookbook

Today we present you the lookbook of all designers on MA Menswear at The London College of Fashion, featuring models Apostolos Georgiadis, Adam Roberts and Sanuye Shoteka photographed by Danny Baldwin.

13 JunCollection. Introducing

Introducing Raj Mistry

Raj Mistry presents his RCA Graduation Menswear collection entitled “01582“. Motivated by the diversity of the local community and also the social and cultural importance of sports wear amongst the youth population in his home town of Luton, the collection… »

12 JunCollection. Introducing

Introducing Oliver Hui Hui

Hui-Hui is a youth whose picture of manhood is painted with childish colours.We all knew a Hui-Hui at some time. He was our annoying kid brother whogot away with murder. He was the cheeky cousin who came to visit and… »

12 JunCollection. Introducing

Introducing Fabien Verriest

Fabien Verriest is a fashion student from La Cambre (Brussels). His collection was inspired by cubism and geishas.

10 JunCollection. Introducing

Introducing DUAN Menswear

London based photographer Tussunee Roadjanarungtong has paired with young talented designer Siyu Duan, of DUAN Menswear, to create an unconventional shoot to showcase the proposition of the new generation of future menswear.

5 JunCollection. Introducing

Introducing Edward Cuming

Edward Cuming is a fashion designer from Sydney, currently studying at IED Barcelona. His collection, entitled “Motion Sickness“, stems from a personal trip to Marrakech taken earlier this year. A three day expedition to the Sahara Desert exposed me to climates… »

4 JunCollection. Introducing
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