Burberry February 2017 Collection

Burberry premiered its February 2017 collection at its Makers House show venue in London.

Harry Xu Fall/Winter 2017

As a sequel to the successful graduate collection ‘My Russian Symphony – Youth Prisoners‘, Harry Xu Fall/Winter 2017 ‘Jarylo Reborn‘ continues to explore the theme inspired by Michael Chelbin’s photography.

Alexandra Moura Fall/Winter 2017

Alexandra Moura FW17, “Here and There” looks to build a stronger connection with nature and ancestral origins.


ANGUS CHIANG Fall/Winter 2017

Integrating the school uniforms and school supplies of the 90s, and adding the vibrant popular vibe of 90s colors, a distinctive “School Days” style is created by ANGUS CHIANG.

The Best of London Fashion Week Men’s FW17

This upcoming autumn is set to be a season about baggy clothes, bold shapes, badass bad boys, and boys dressed like their dads! Or at least according to a few key shows at London’s fashion week for men.

16 JanLondon

DANSHAN Fall/Winter 2017

DANSHAN’s FW17 collection presents a spirit of culture that creates a space for a progressive masculinity to develop – in the hope of creating a more accepting world.

F.Y. Loves

I just love it.

ANDREW COIMBRA. Sacana Sweater

In Portuguese, the phrase “sacana” can mean different things, depending on the context. It can translate to “rascal” or “bastard”/”fucker”. It’s not uncommon for a Grandmother to playfully refer to their grandchild as a “sacana” when the child… »

19 Mar

Michiko Koshino Fall/Winter 2017

An exploration of the Koshino family name’s ancient warrior beginnings in the deep bamboo forests of Japan, the FW17 collection sees an innovative evolution of the label’s house style.

Qasimi Fall/Winter 2017

For this collection Khalid Al’Qasimi continued to use socio-political themes and was inspired by “Bed In” protest by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969 which took place in room 702 of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel.


Blood Brother Fall/Winter 2017

For their FW17 collection, Blood Brother took ‘The River Thames’ as their inspiration. While vast in both its size and relevance, its potential for inspiration was overwhelming.

Belstaff FW17 Backstage!

Teaming classic denims and leather trousers with Briton T-Shirts and high shine leather ankle boots, Creative Director, Delphine Ninous, described a “free-spirited look appropriate for downtime on the docks.”

10 JanBackstage. London

Sibling FW17 Backstage!

We weren’t expecting to see so much patriotism in light of Brexit, but Sibling are never a duo prone to mourning through their designs, instead their shows are always highly anticipated due to their vibrant and joyful designs, seen on vibrant and joyful faces.

10 JanBackstage. London

Belstaff Fall/Winter 2017

It’s easy to know what to expect from a Belstaff presentation and for Fall/Winter the brand offered up variations of their classic four-pocket waxed motorcycle jackets and various maritime silhouettes such as the duffle coat and pea coat produced in a Melton wool.

KTZ FW17 Backstage!

The genderless looks saw minimalist models striking down the runway in dual lengthened skirts to pulsing techno 90’s vibe, bass bumping tunes.

9 JanBackstage. London

John Lawrence Sullivan FW17 Backstage!

The arts scene in Germany set the tone of John Lawrence Sullivan’s FW17 collection.

9 JanBackstage. London

Songzio FW17 Backstage!

‘Misanthrope’, Songzio’s FW17 tells a story – the story of a young man content in his solitude, walking the streets of an unknown city in the cold of a winter’s morning.

9 JanBackstage. London

Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2017

The collection, entitled ‘Ecotricity’, symbolised the designer’s call to arms for political energy and protest against the exploitation of the world’s natural resourses.

Wan Hung Fall/Winter 2017

Wan Hung’s reference points and silhouettes for Fall/Winter 2017 are inspired by the traditional Chinese Tang suit robes blended with Western tailoring.

Berthold Fall/Winter 2017

Berthold presented its Fall/Winter 2017 collection during London Fashion Week Men’s.

Martine Rose Fall/Winter 2017

Martine Rose showed her Fall/Winter 2017 collection during London Fashion Week Men’s.

Wales Bonner Fall/Winter 2017

Wales Bonner unveiled her Fall/Winter 2017 collection during London Fashion Week Men’s.

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