Abigail Ajobi’s new capsule “Anti-Muse”, shown within the official schedule of London Fashion Week, is an ode to Nigerian youth subculture with vibrant colors of Adire prints and the allure of the early 2000s Nollywood films.

Raised in London to Nigerian parents, Abigail draws her inspiration from her family roots as all pieces were designed in Nigeria with traditional Adire art techniques heavily present throughout the collection. The designer’s fresh take on how color-blocking can be combined with contemporary Adire patterns while playfully incorporating the brand’s logo has resulted in trendy streetwear that would look stylish on the streets of London.

The capsule collection is welcoming the return of the 2000s in fashion with low-rise bell-bottom jeans and trousers, a mini skirt with underwear showing, a printed leather jacket, a denim strapless tube dress on a zipper, and all-over printed shirts, T-shirts, and tops. All the looks are styled with Adire headscarves for womenswear, small hoop earrings, and sports shades for menswear.

A combination of the prints and the vibrant colors of indigo blues with white, black, soft purple, and tangerine orange are setting the tone of celebration of “Anti-Muse” which was the main inspiration for this collection. “Anti-Muse”, as someone who cherishes their own individuality and freedom of expression, rebel that doesn’t fit in and chooses an alternative way, allowed Abigail to make a confident step in building the brand’s strong creative identity with this collection.

Check out the collection below: