Kanika Goyal, the designer behind KGL, presents her latest collection, Arc Echo, at London Fashion Week. The collection is a reflection of her personal journey of exploring her identity and memories, as well as the paradoxical nature of dreams.

Arc Echo is inspired by the feeling of déjà vu, the sensation of experiencing something that seems familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. The collection features garments that combine bold design and primary colors, creating a contrast between harmony and chaos. The pieces are also a fusion of different aspects of one’s personality, such as mosaic knits that represent the complexity of one’s memories, hybrid blazers that show the versatility of one’s style, and jacquard knits and weaved denim that reflect the richness of one’s inner world.

The collection also showcases Kanika’s innovation and collaboration, as well as her commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. She uses fabrics that honour Indian craftsmanship, such as embroidery from local artisans in New Delhi. She also repurposes surplus fabrics from mills, such as deadstock denim and leather offcuts, to create unique and upcycled pieces. She pays tribute to her heritage and upbringing by using materials from her past collections, as well as incorporating the sacred Gurmukhi alphabet into her brand monogram.

Check out the collection below: