Charles Jeffrey Loverboy presented the SS’25 collection during London Fashion Week, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the British powerhouse by taking over London’s central cultural and historic venue – Somerset House. With the brand’s flag waving over the top of the building and the choir performing a piece created in collaboration with Luca Manning, the large-scale runway show was followed by the private exhibition of the “Lore of Loverboy” that celebrated 10 years of the brand and showed the behind-the-scenes path from club to catwalk.

In SS’25 Scottish designer and Creative Director Charles Jeffrey explored the concept of “queer time” and how it shapes our experiences, expectations, and social obligations to look in a certain way during the day and at different times of our lives. Aesthetics of public or private, sailors or gamers, uniforms or pyjamas were deconstructed and assembled back together through the lens of the brand’s queer post-punk signature style.

The deconstructed classical shirts and tailored jackets, stripped pajamas with the elements of underwear, printed tank tops on T-shirts, pleated skirt pants, mini-skorts, and jumpers with printed military or sailor trimmings were styled with the signature zoomorphic beanies, sailor hats, and moccasin moggies with sharp claws, already viral banana boots and Cupid’s arrow-shot decor. The anniversary collection was a tribute to all beloved characters from the Loverboy universe and a celebration of bright individuality and distinctive brand style.

Check out the collection below: