Chet Lo has always been fascinated by the Terracotta Army, the ancient clay sculptures that guarded the tomb of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi. As a child, he admired their individuality, their grandeur, and their resilience. Despite being exposed to the elements for over two millennia, they remained steadfast and loyal to their ruler.

Inspired by these remarkable relics, Lo has created a spiky utopia for his FW24 collection, where he reimagines the Terracotta Army as a futuristic force of fashion. Lo experiments with the balance and scale of his signature spikes, which adorn the garments in various patterns and sizes. He also draws on his east-meets-west influences, incorporating elements of Chinese culture and history into his designs.

The collection features a range of woolen pieces, such as hoodies, trousers, skirts, and jumpers, that echo the silhouettes and textures of the Terracotta Army’s armor. Some of the pieces have spikes that start from the middle and grow larger towards the hem, creating a dramatic effect. Others have spikes that run along the sleeves, the back, or the sides, adding some edge to the cozy knits.

The color palette of the collection is inspired by the work of German visual artist Gerhard Ritcher.

The collection also marks the debut of Lo’s capsule collaboration with Charles & Keith, a footwear and accessories brand. Lo transforms classic styles like ballet flats and sling-back heels into spiky variations, which are worn with socks provided by Pantherella.

Check out the collection below: