Shadow puppets

Cuff-links by Lola & Bailey. “shadow puppets” is a homage to the 1950s lifestyle of easy living, tv dinners and Andy Warhol. In these times where the ice is melting, winds are blowing and interest rates on the… »

11 JunCollection. Jewelry

From Berlin: CARNI

Carni is a new jewellery and accesories label based in Berlin. This is her debut collection for autumn/winter 2010, lookbook and video shot by Katja Hentschel.

Carni / Photography & Direction Katja Hentschel / Hair & Make-Up … »

9 JunCollection. Jewelry

Erin Wasson X Low Luv Jewelry

After her success designing for Alexander Wang’s runway collection,  Erin Wasson, dabbles in jewelry constructed from 14-karat gold and silver-plated materials. Her spring collection just arrived in the shop and is inspired by Nordic and Aztec designs… »

Enfants Perdus Men’s Jewelry

Enfants Perdus Men’s Jewelry, inspired by the story of man—a struggle between nature and art, life and spirit. <3

4 JunCollection. Jewelry

Elena Gallen Sacred Geometry Jewelry

Elena Gallen “Sacred Geometry Jewelry”

A new challenge is the creation of limited edition accessories. A minimal golden piece of jewelry based on Sierpinski’s triangle. A fractal necklace based on 18 triangles interconected like a “cotte de maille”. This piece is… »

31 MayCollection. Jewelry

r¿ng by Sruli Recht

Sruli Recht has a passion for “making ugly things beautiful”.

24 MayCollection. Jewelry

bjorg jewellery – collection 2010

Bjorg jewellery have an interesting line and great look book.

20 MayCollection. Jewelry


Triskaidekaphobia is a fear or phobia concerning the number 13. It’s also a really incredible new NYC jewelry line.

17 MayCollection. Jewelry

Copper ring

Copper ring set with a herkimer diamond by japanese designer like atmosphere.

14 MayCollection. Jewelry

Space Invaders accessory

Taito’s efforts to build their brand continues with their iconic Space Invaders characters and now they are releasing a limited edition silverware accessory produced by French silverware maker Christofle.

12 MayCollection. Jewelry

Designer Ayaka Nishi’s Spine bracelet

I really like this piece of jewelry from Designer Ayaka_Nishi that you can find on Not Just A Label

Ms Nishi has always been inspired by nature and natural materials and in this piece inspired by a spine,

she combined… »

7 MayCollection. Jewelry

Mourning and Divorce

Mourning and Divorce jewelry by Gisele Ganne.

6 MayCollection. Jewelry

Dominic Jones Jewellery

La ultima coleccion de Dominic Jones Jewellery, de la mano de Atiken Jolly.

5 MayCollection. Jewelry

Weaponized Jewelry

The jewelry smiths at MathMatiks have created a series of accessories with a street flair, but adorned in gold.  From an AK47 money clip to grenade cufflinks to a gas mask pendants, the classic tools of defense are… »

3 MayCollection. Jewelry

Mourning Objects by Anna Schwamborn

Design student Anna Schwamborn has created a range of jewelry made with the hair and cremated ashes of a dead loved ones.

30 AprCollection. Jewelry

Gueule d’Amour

The magazine Stiletto asked master baker Eric Kayser to create the most precious bread of the world with jeweler Mauboussin. There are 7 carats hidden in this loaf. It will be sold from Monday 5 to Saturday 10 July… »

28 AprCollection. Jewelry


Chewed by Tuesday is a new and exciting jewellery label from Melbourne. Founded by a local creative slash designer, Vivienne Gibson brings a Brooklyn flavour to her pieces after spending a few years cruising the streets of Williamsburg and… »

26 AprCollection. Jewelry

Chris Habana

Losing My Religion by Chris Habana, Fall 2010.

Architectural Jewellery by Joshua DeMonte

Mixing jewelery with architecture, Joshua DeMonte’s jewelery defined architectural space around the body, altering our perception of the figures, both the jewelery & the wearer.

13 AprCollection. Jewelry

Necessary measures

Antique silver colored tape measure heart strung up on a chunky, lightweight chain.

You can buy it here.

6 AprCollection. Jewelry

Vinyl Jewelry by Cat Davison

UK designer Cat Davison creates jewelry made from 100% recycled vintage records, ‘heat the beat’ manages to be both original and sustainable.

30 MarCollection. Jewelry

Alex and Chloe

Estamos como locos, con la nueva colección de joyería de Alex and Chloe. The Trinity Collection tiene una inspiración obscura, aires religiosos, sectarios y una influencia punk-rock, que nos ha dejado enganchados.

25 MarCollection. Jewelry

Cast of Vices

Cast of Vices es conocido por sus vicios transformados en joyas de plata, en forma de colillas de cigarros, pastillas, moscas y más …

23 MarCollection. Jewelry

Perpetual necklace

The perpetual necklaces by (of)matter are an absolutely timeless piece. An upcycled necklace made from the numbers of a vintage flip clock.

19 MarCollection. Jewelry

Disney Couture tea party necklace

A charming, one of a kind necklace from Tom Binns and Disney Couture–inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

8 MarCollection. Jewelry

GUN – Ken&Dana design

ken & dana design – gun reclamation project

“Living in NYC, it often seems we never go more than a week without hearing of a tragedy caused by guns and violence.

Rather than spend our energy on fear or contempt, we’ve decided… »

3 MarCollection. Jewelry

Emma Franklin Hippo cufflinks

Gorgeous animals by jeweller Emma Franklin.

Emma is happy to make any of her creatures into a necklace, ring or cufflinks, and also make them in solid gold.

1 MarCollection. Jewelry

Companion Parrot

Tithi Kutchamuch desde Londres ha creado este collar inspirado en el cráneo y visceras de un loro.

“Loro de Compañia” forma parte de Secret Friend collection de Kutchamuch y será exhibida en la fería de diseño colectiva en la Saatchi… »

22 FebCollection. Jewelry

Marc Jacobs + Maripol

Marc Jacobs cuenta con la colaboración de la diseñadora, artista y estilista francesa Maripol, en esta colección de complementos (y tambien camisetas) ultracoloristas, para Marc by Marc Jacobs. Collares y pulseras en colores vibrantes que no superan los $50

En los… »

18 FebCollection. Jewelry

Teeth vs. Diamonds

Polly van der Glas ha matado al hada de los dientes. Esterilizados y seleccionados, son incrustados en anillos y otros accesorios de plata de ley. Maxilares, caninos, incisivos… ninguno se escapa.

17 FebCollection. Jewelry
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