In every fashion house, there is an iconic item that defines them. In the case of Britain’s Burberry, it’s the trench coat, and incredibly, its current creative director Daniel Lee has decided to include it as well in the Summer 2024 collection. At first, this may sound a bit odd, but considering the company’s origins, it makes sense, as summers in the UK tend to be colder and rainier than elsewhere.

The garment has been reimagined, once again, and made in other fabrics, such as cotton changeant with contrasting yarns for a shiny effect, or the rain-resistant fabric mentioned above.

Complementing this outerwear are suits in a classic style but with modern touches that become more starry at the waist, zip-up jackets, shirts in dark tones, and footwear. Here is where the Box model comes in, made in smooth calf leather with mesh lining and the characteristic Equestrian Knight motif in relief; or the Bubble trainers, molded with flexible EVA and similar to the previous ones.

Did you think there were no cool clothes to wear during a rainy summer? If so, you were wrong.

Have a look at the Burberry Summer 2024 collection designed by Daniel Lee below: