Wax London and Oscar Deen have teamed up to bring out a new eyewear collection called “Everybody Loves the Sunshine.” Set in Soho, London, the campaign tells a story about breaking free and being yourself.

The collection introduces two limited-edition sunglasses: the Nelson in Brushed Charcoal and the Morris in Truffle. The first one is a nod to the bold styles of the ’50s military frames, now made for daily life. They’re made by Italian experts Mazzucchelli from top-notch cellulose acetate, which is kind to your skin. The dark grey lenses block out plenty of sun, making these sunglasses a mix of tough looks and modern class. Morris in Truffle takes inspiration from classic ’50s American frames and is designed for everyone. Named after the Morris family, big fans of OD, these frames mix sharp design with a touch of European flair. Made by the same Italian artisans, they also have dark grey lenses that protect your eyes and keep you looking stylish.

Check it out below: