Ucon Acrobatics, a brand that values simplicity and practicality in fashion, has teamed up with Manuel Carvalho, a freelance 3D designer and director. This partnership is about breaking norms and finding new ways to connect with people through design.

Manuel Carvalho made a name for himself by telling stories that grab attention and make people think differently. His work with well-known brands like Voo Store Berlin, Highsnobiety, and Ignant has earned him recognition, but it’s his independent work with clients like Mercedes-Benz, Flos, and MCM that really shows what he can do.

The project that brought Ucon Acrobatics and Carvalho together was Motif 2.0. Its success led to an exclusive collaboration: a special edition of the Jona Medium Bag, Hajo Medium, and Hajo Mini Backpacks. They’re the result of a shared vision to blend design with function.

Check it out below: