Soho House has a novelty that we think you will be very interested in. This is is none other than its CWH plan. Perhaps when you read the acronym you don’t know what it refers to, but we’ll tell you. These three letters have to do with its Cities Without Houses action, which responds to those capitals that do not yet have a private club. Sounds pretty interesting and attractive, doesn’t it? Well, wait until you find out more.

If you’re interested in joining the creative and local community and having access to all Soho House venues when you travel, you’ll need to become a member. This CWH membership is available in 75 cities around the world. With it, you’ll have access to all 38 houses and you can take your three best friends with you. It’s a good plan, right? Plus, you’ll get membership rates on accommodation and dining, as well as access to local events in your city, and the chance to meet other Soho House members from around the world via the app.

The old normality we longed for is back and it looks like it’s here to stay (fingers crossed). So, it’s time to celebrate. Soho House has caught on and so have all of you and that’s why they’ve started organizing CWH events, ranging from dinners to parties, talks, and workshops to connect with Soho House and their local community.

Connections and much more were seen at the first event Soho House held recently in Madrid (Spain), in collaboration with clothing brand Siedres. Together they created a very special space and brought together a part of Madrid society. All the guests enjoyed an evening in which from the moment you walked through the door it seemed as if you were entering a parallel universe in which fashion, decoration, and art, together with good gastronomy, had a lot to do with each other. Everything was perfectly interconnected.

What did you think of all this? Sure that it caught your attention and made you want to join this exclusive club. It’s easy, to become a member and you will be able to access these kinds of events in North America, the UK, Europe, APAC, Africa, and Latin America.

Do you like secrets? Here’s a good one. The biggest Soho House communities are currently in Milan, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Stockholm, which often serve as a prelude to the opening of a new house. That’s where you have to go.

Now you have all the information you need to know. Take a seat and enjoy the images of the first event Soho House held in Madrid (Spain), in collaboration with Siedres: