After the spectacular shows that VERSACE held a few months ago in the cities of Los Angeles and Cannes, the luxury brand has decided to return to its native Italy, and to the fashion week that every year sees it sweep the world, Milan Fashion Week, to present its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. And it was much more relaxed than ever because, after an exhaustive analysis of the almost 30 men’s looks that made up the line, we have been able to see how the quiet luxury that is so much talked about has influenced the most garish and least calm firm of today.

Little, if anything, remains of the iconic prints of the fashion house that Gianni founded in the late 1970s, such as the fretwork, or the vibrant colour combinations. But before all the brand’s followers revolted, patience because it will surely only be for a couple of seasons, although it is true that this new register in which VERSACE intends to move is quite attractive. From time to time, it’s good to take a breather and a little serenity.

Donatella Versace, the brand’s creative director, seems to have found that serenity, and as the generous being that she is, she wanted to share it with everyone and represent it in the line’s looks, which from our point of view, could be perfectly related to a Spring day and the development of the sky tones, because as you well know, especially in Italy, during that time of year the weather is usually quite good and the sky usually starts white or greyish, passes through baby blue, and ends at sunset with yellow and pinkish colours.

During these days, the VERSACE boys will open their wardrobes and wear clothes in these tones, relaxed and fluid, and suitable for any type of meeting, because of their timeless style. Examples of this are trench coats, waistcoats, cargo trousers, short-sleeved shirts – some with a check print to match the catwalk floor – or jacket and trouser suits, which can be worn perfectly with more casual footwear such as sandals or trainers, or with something more formal such as a shoe.

When night falls, the palette darkens and the true spirit of the house emerges. At that point, everything becomes narrower and waists are accentuated on suit jackets, particularly in wine-colored leather, or double-breasted black. And as everyone knows, VERSACE can’t conceive of a night without glitter, so glitter was a must, and it came as an oversized green and silver plaid top.

The new VERSACE is ready to shine and be as loved as the last one. Don’t be mad, the other will be back at some point, but in the meantime let’s enjoy this one. Check out the Spring/Summer 2024 collection below: