Something is happening with Milan Fashion Week, as all the latest big shows are taking place in the Italian city. Many strive to be part of its official calendar, but unfortunately, few make it, although the prestigious fashion house BOSS, who recently presented the Fall/Winter 2023 collection with a big show in front of more than 1,ooo guests, has done just that.

In the field of fashion weeks today, there are arguably several types of shows. One is the one that most people know, which is the conventional model, and another is the more experimental one, which is the type of show that the German company did, or as the brand’s team called it: BOSS Techtopia. Why do we say this? Very simple, because in addition to being able to see live and in motion the garments that make up the line, you live a whole experience, in this case futuristic, because once you entered the enclosure, you were automatically transported twenty years ahead…or who knows if less, because seeing how fast everything develops today…

The chosen space was like being in another galaxy. As soon as you arrived there was a tunnel full of life-size holograms welcoming you in every language there is. Not a single one was missing. Everyone was invited, regardless of race, colour, or gender. Once you had passed through and greeted all the robots, you entered the set where the models would start parading. It was all in aqua green and minimalist style, details that together with the background music, made you relax and enjoy what was about to happen and what many were waiting for: the new proposal of BOSS.

Gigi Hadid opened the show with her signature powerful attitude and gave way to the rest of the models who wore the Boss Fall/Winter 2023 season, which was an evolution in the legacy of expert tailoring, as Marco Falcioni, senior vice president of creative direction at Hugo Boss, also said: “I loved the creative challenge of taking a classic executive attire look that is not normally associated with breaking any boundaries at all, and giving it a bold twist, transforming it into something new and exciting that represents the modern, multifaceted BOSS. It is a celebration of the suit as a tool for the realisation of personal potential, self-confidence, and individuality, values that inspire our motto, BE YOUR OWN BOSS”.

Falcioni took inspiration from the business world he was talking about and combined it with a concept he has mastered: the “CorpCore”. In doing so, the designer and his team challenged all the codes of traditional office attire and gave a modern twist to the classics that reside in a man’s wardrobe (mostly in neutral tones), from blazers and suits – made with high-performance fabrics and some of the brand’s most iconic prints – to shirts or jumpers with pronounced slits or different types of collars made from fresh, structured fabrics. As a novel and curious fact, some of these pieces were accompanied by visible buttons and zips that were taken out of the usual situations to focus attention on the mastery of tailoring.

Every suit should be complemented by good accessories, and in this case, it’s the belts, that serve to give a touch of definition to the wide cuts. There are also paper clips, binders, and pens, all playfully reinterpreted and never missing from a businessman’s briefcase. Last but not least, the bags and shoes, 100% timeless, stood out with their padlocks, which add a touch of distinction and modernity.

BOSS is stronger than ever, and if it was already clear from the Miami show, it’s even stronger now with the Milan one. The BOSS Fall/Winter 2023 line is available now at and in BOSS boutiques worldwide.

Check out the collection below: