Many were wondering what was going on with the Italian fashion house Versace, given that its presence at fashion shows has been declining in recent months. Let’s remember that the brand directed by Donatella Versace did not participate, as it used to do, neither in the Italian fashion week for men nor in the one for women. So, the sister of the late Gianni had the fantastic idea of moving the brand (for a few hours) to the city of the stars, Los Angeles, coinciding with the weekend of the Oscars.

You can imagine what it means to hold a show in the city with the highest number of celebrities per square meter, right? Well, all of them come to the call, and instead of a fashion show, it becomes an unmissable event. Elton John, Lil Nas X, Channing Tatum, Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, and many more famous faces sat in the coveted front row of the fashion show to discover the Fall/Winter 23 season.

Held on the rooftop of the emblematic Pacific Design Center, we could say that one of the star colors of the garments on the show was a perfect match for the grey sky, because as strange as it may sound, the sky in this city, which always has good weather, was like this because of the rain. There were 78 looks presented, 28 for men, which attracted attention because of the minimal design line in which they were created. No trace of the house’s iconic prints or big logos. Less is more, and it seems that for the first time, Donatella and her team have decided to take this quote attributed to the architect Mies Van der Rohe.

The line was divided into several parts. The first could be perfectly related to a funeral, in which the attendees come dressed elegantly to mourn the loss of the person. For this, they dress in tailored pieces, in a flowing style, in which three-quarter coats stand out, sometimes combined with equestrian-inspired boots, or Bermuda-style trousers. Within this first part, and almost for the first time, came skirts for men, combined with pointed-toe garments and, like the rest of the looks, long leather gloves.

When the person himself starts to recover from the loss, it is time to introduce little by little different colors and fabrics. This is when one of the fabrics that have undoubtedly been one of the most used by designers during the season of presentations of new collections comes into action. As you can imagine, it is denim. It takes on a prominence that it has never taken before, and it is worn with black leather clothes and white shirts.

Leather is another of the most used materials, and Ms.Versace knows it and loves it very much. But this time, she has decided to add a touch of complexity and add a washed/worn effect, which has ipso facto made the three looks shown the coolest. Now that the color has appeared and the mourning is more or less over, it’s time to look ahead and take risks, introducing garments in camel and russet tones, mixed with others in chocolate brown. Exactly the same happened with Bondi blue.

On this occasion, the finishing touch was not gold, but silver or brilliant black, provided on this occasion by the garments with floral appliqués that the models wore, generating sparkles and dazzling those present, just as Donatella Versace did with her latest work.

See the collection below: