GCDS has surprised this last edition of Milan Fashion Week presenting a totally different proposal to what we are used to and celebrating its show in the strictest intimacy, with only 200 guests, nothing to do with the previous ones.

The company’s headquarters was the place chosen to show the Spring/Summer 2024 collection called “MEDITERRANEO”, which, as just mentioned, stands out from the others and the fantasy design line that Giuliano Calza -the brand’s creative director- was following. There is no trace of aliens, bob sponge, giant cats, or anything like that, on the contrary, it is full of timeless pieces in powdered colours that could be worn in ten years’ time without any problem.

Calza is aware of what is dominating the fashion industry at the moment, which is quiet luxury and rich fabrics, and as a wise and intelligent person, he has decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer his point of view on what this style means to him. This is represented by denim, leather, or tweed clothing in the purest bourgeois style, paired with loafers, socks, and even, in some cases, with ballerinas, adding a touch of sweetness to the look.

Tweed, in particular, takes on a special role on this occasion, as it appears in several of the pieces. In the case of the men it can be seen in the form of a sky blue waistcoat with a long tail and cuts in the waist area, combined with a long silk skirt in the same tone, belonging to the tailoring part, which is combined with high-quality shirts and bags to make the look more casual and fun. The Neapolitan loves fun and everything related to it, and something he associates with it is his work, and that is reflected in his proposals, and also in the polo shirts with discontinuous stripes and zips, and in the trousers that make up those looks like the jeans with double waist and zip.

“MEDITERRANEO” seems to have been the start of a new GCDS. What will the sequel be like? See the GCDS Spring/Summer 2024 collection below: