In the interesting union of P.A.M and Hysteric Glamour, a remarkable collaboration took flight, weaving together a captivating tapestry of fashion, playthings, and embellishments. Within this world, P.A.M.’s esteemed confidant, Joshua Gordon, emerged as the orchestrator of a multifaceted campaign that organically blossomed into a literary opus spanning 80 resplendent pages—’TOY.’

Immersing himself in an arduous odyssey spanning months, Joshua diligently embarked on the quest to unravel the profound tapestry of Japan’s toy culture. He meticulously captured the essence of this world, crafting an extended campaign that immortalized individuals and their beloved companions, adorned with heartfelt handwritten notes. This tome stands as a testament to the instantaneous, unbroken, and exuberant bond shared between kindred spirits within the realms of fashion, forever intertwined. As the collection itself emerges, so too does this physical embodiment of our affinity, eagerly awaiting alongside.

Toys, oh toys, how multifaceted you are! What defines a toy? In the eyes of a graffiti artist, a toy symbolizes an absence of style, a lack of comprehension of the sacred rules—an epithet hurled at neophytes yet to grasp the essence. Sensually, a toy becomes a conduit for pleasure, manifesting in myriad sizes, hues, contours, and materials. To the masses, a toy assumes the form of a diminutive, endearing creature gifted during the tender years of youth—a solace, a confidant in the nocturnal solitude of one’s bedchamber. My fascination with toys and the human connection to them has remained steadfast throughout my existence.” – Joshua Gordon, excerpt from “TOY” (page 1)

Take a look at some images from the book below: