Unknown just unveiled its summer collection. But hold on tight because this collection won’t simply drop all at once – it’s going to be unveiled in some drops throughout the entire summer season.

Famous for their dazzling rhinestone tracksuits, Unknown is taking a leap forward with 14 fresh designs that will grace your summer. Bid farewell to the conventional tracksuits as the brand embraces a newfound path of sophistication and elegance. The first drop of the summer collection features exquisite zip-up knit polos, stylish denim cut-off shorts, and the second edition of their monogram open shirt.

Unknown is the epitome of a Gen-Z brand created by Gen-Z, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with its whimsical and vibrant spirit. To capture the essence of its youthful audience, the brand has enlisted a group of their own loyal customers to showcase the collection against the stunning backdrop of a beach in Weston-Super-Mare. While drawing inspiration from their captivating Spring/Summer 2023 Egypt campaign, this latest collection has returned home to the UK, boasting effortlessly cool skate fits perfectly suited for a quintessentially British summer experience.

Take a look at the first drop campaign images below: