Drawing inspiration from the electrifying energy of dancers who converge from all corners of the world in the Amsterdam forest each year, Dekmantel and Salomon proudly present the ultimate unisex festival shoe. Meet the XT-4 OG, a remarkable fusion of Dekmantel’s raw and organic aesthetics with Salomon’s top-notch performance features, built to conquer any terrain and weather condition.

The Amsterdamse Bos has been home to Dekmantel Festival since its inception in 2013, attracting over 15,000 enthusiastic dancers annually to experience the most adventurous electronic music escapade. This festival’s true essence lies in its enchanting forest setting, where expansive meadows and towering trees in mesmerizing organic tones create an immersive experience like no other.

Now, the magic of the Amsterdam forest is channeled into the Dekmantel x Salomon footwear style. Designed by artist Michael Willis in collaboration with Salomon’s creative team, these shoes capture the forest’s color palette and atmosphere, paying homage to the heart and soul of Dekmantel Festival: its unstoppable dancers.

The limited-edition Salomon XT-4 OG for Dekmantel unisex style embraces an earthy color palette, featuring deep lichen and lily pad green, dark earth brown, punctuated by bright yet subtle touches of crisp white, safety yellow, and transcend blue. With its forward-thinking design, the XT-4 OG perfectly complements Dekmantel’s fresh identity for 2023, reflecting their newfound sense of creative direction.

The Salomon XT-4 OG style boasts top-notch performance elements, from the stable, full-length Agile ChassisTM Skeleton to the soft, dual-density midsole component and 10-millimeter drop – a celebration of Salomon’s finest features that set it at the pinnacle of its game.

The limited-edition Salomon XT-4 OG for Dekmantel unisex style is available for purchase on dekmantel.com and will be available on salomon.com on July 26th (10am CEST), priced at €185. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this fusion of music and style.