“OUT OF RANGE” is the name of Rhuigi Villaseñor’s new proposal for his brand RHUDE, shown during Paris Fashion Week.

The hype surrounding each of the works that the designer presents is always quite high and sometimes unrequited, as happened last season. But it is not always necessary to be at the top of the wave and be number one, in fact, from time to time it is useful to get off it to see everything from a different perspective, work harder, and come back offering a better version of oneself. That is precisely what Mr. Villaseñor has done, captivating the audience of his most recent show with the garments and accessories designed for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, inspired by the natural beauty of the English countryside and focusing on the intersection of contemporary American fashion and the traditional countryside.

Countryside and all that surrounds it is one of the natural environments that most inspires designers, especially when it comes to designing clothes to protect against low temperatures, such as those found in the French capital. When that time comes, wherever you are, the Manila-born has created a wide selection of coats in modern silhouettes, ranging from long-length coats, fur coats – a trend that has been seen more than ever on the catwalks this year – to parkas. All this outerwear is worn, as well as bomber/denim/leather jackets, with knitted jumpers that invite to be worn continuously, trousers, short or long – with or without pockets, and with different models of bags. Pay attention to the large fur and leather bag, designed for more formal occasions.

Formality is also present in the line and is represented by perfectly structured blazers with pronounced shoulder pads and large lapels, and by the different suits in classic and timeless style (most of them in dark tones).

Rhuigi has put at the disposal of anyone who wants what for him is the dream capsule wardrobe. Take it or leave it? Think about it carefully because if there is one thing that characterises it, it is how complete is, as there are utilitarian, casual, or elegant garments; innovative fabrics; and vibrant and soft colours. Some of the tones that make up the chosen palette have a special meaning, such as golden yellow, a symbol of the energy and optimism of the American dream.

See the RHUDE Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: