Pigmentarium has launched a new campaign for its best-selling fragrance, Erotikon. The campaign features a stunning collection of photographs by Slovak photographer Kubo Krížo, who captures the sensual energy of the perfume through two male bodies.

Erotikon is a perfume that combines notes of chocolate, ginger, pink pepper, vanilla, tonka beans, amber, musk, patchouli, and sandalwood. The perfume has a unique ability to adapt to the wearer’s skin, creating a personalized and irresistible scent.

The new campaign is a bold reinterpretation of the original one, which showcased the beauty of the female body in contrast to the perfume’s animalistic elements. Krížo draws inspiration from the original campaign and adds his own twist to it. He uses two male models to explore the theme of intimacy and proximity. He also incorporates some elements from the original campaign, such as the color scheme and the props, to create a visual connection between the two versions.

The new campaign is not meant to be scandalous, but rather to open a new space for the perception of Erotikon. The perfume is not limited to a single model of perception, but rather transforms with the wearer, whether they are women or men. Erotikon is a perfume that celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of human skin, and invites the viewer to discover its magic. Available HERE!

Check out the campaign images below:

Creative Direction: David Ševčík @sevcik.david
Supervision: Tomáš Ric @tmsrc
Photo: Kubo Krížo @kubokrizo
Video: Viktoryia Vaitusionak @kakkivi
Models: Martin Ehmele @martinehmele & Emerich Margaretha @everilkills
MUAH: Phil La Noiraude @phillanoiraude
Styling: Adam Hanula @adamhanula
Texts: David Ševčík @sevcik.david
Production: Varvara Fetisova @varunaa
Special thank you: Frnkow @frnkow