STREETSTYLE | 080 Barcelona Fashion

Photographer Luis Ayora brings us a selection of the best looks photographed in the streets of Barcelona during 080 Barcelona Fashion, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

19 AprBarcelona. Streetstyle

Acne Studios by Frédéric Malle

The collaboration between Acne Studios and Frédéric Malle is unique because it’s founded on a mutual understanding and approach to art.

19 AprBeauty

Nike x Patta Running Team Collection: Where Sport Meets Community

This collection is a call to claim your space in the running world, to be part of a team that runs not just to compete, but to connect.

18 AprCapsule. Collection

Classic Meets Contemporary: Givenchy’s “Effortless Elegance”

“Effortless Elegance” brings together the best of Givenchy’s heritage and the simplicity of modern design.

18 AprCollection

Introducing the Balenciaga 10XL Sneaker

The 10XL is all about going big with style while staying true to athletic roots.

18 AprShoes

Off-White’s New Rug: A Limited-Edition Release for Milan Design Week

With only 40 pieces available, each with its own number, this rug is as exclusive as it gets.

18 AprFurniture. More

Snoop Dogg Introduces “Strawberry Cream Dream” for Dr. Bombay Day

This event is all about getting ready for 4/20, with Snoop inviting everyone to grab their favorite snacks.

18 AprMore

The Art of Dreams: An Ode to the Pepita Pattern at Milan Design Week

Milan’s design scene is buzzing with the latest “The Art of Dreams” exhibition at Palazzo Clerici.

17 AprEvents. Furniture

AURALEE × New Balance WRPD Runner

The WRPD Runner is gearing up to be a big hit for those who love a mix of tech and style in their shoes.

17 AprShoes

Design Ancora: GUCCI Presents Five Design Icons

In the heart of Milan’s fashion district, Gucci’s flagship store on Via Monte Napoleone has become the stage for a fusion of past and future.

17 AprFurniture

Similar Feelings

Stas & Vlad Bukuyazov photographed by Arthur Iskandarov and styled by Egor Telenchenko, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

16 AprEditorial. Exclusive


DAVID CATALÁN unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 campaign photographed by Dulce Daniel and styled by Paulo Cravo.

16 AprCampaigns. Spring/Summer

LE CITY: Balenciaga’s Ode to Maximalist Practicality

Balenciaga has once again proven its mastery over the temporal with the re-introduction of one of its most iconic product lines, Le City.

16 AprAccesories. Campaigns

Introducing “Azabache – Chapter 2”: A New Scented Journey by Pigmentarium & Arturo Obegero

“Chapter 2” marks a significant transformation, maintaining the original’s allure while introducing a more sophisticated and profound experience.

15 AprBeauty

The Louis Vuitton Foundation announces its exhibitions for this Spring

As the world turns its eyes to Paris for the Olympic Games, the Louis Vuitton Foundation offers a cultural parallel that captures the spirit of competition and the essence of modernism.

15 AprArt. Events

“People of Helmut Lang” campaign

American luxury brand Helmut Lang, creatively directed by Peter Do, presents its Spring/Summer 2024 campaign called “People of Helmut Lang”.

15 AprCampaigns. Spring/Summer

Mayrit Bienal 2024: A Confluence of Design, Architecture, and Art

Madrid is set to host the Mayrit Bienal 2024, a biennial event that has rapidly become a cornerstone of the city’s cultural landscape.

14 AprArt. Events

Y-3 Unveils Chapter 2 of Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Y-3’s latest collection, Chapter 2 of SS24, presents a dynamic range of apparel that marries the essence of workwear with the timeless appeal of athletic classics.

Cannon Beach: AVEC AMOUR’s New Collection

The collection is influenced by the idea of a ballet performance, a chilly summer in Oregon, and the ups and downs of love.

13 AprBarcelona. Collection

Embracing Serenity: Bielo’s THE BATHER Collection

Bielo introduced their latest collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion, and it’s all about relaxation.

13 AprBarcelona. Collection

HAMAR: Eñaut Unveils Its 10th Collection

Moving away from his previous themes of natural disasters, Eñaut’s new collection is all about the joy of life. It’s like a final dance, a reminder to enjoy every moment.

13 AprBarcelona. Collection


Alexandre Dary at Metropolitan Models photographed by Georges Dobrev and styled by Mariam Mikadze, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

13 AprEditorial. Exclusive

Gucci’s New Cub3d Sneaker: A Limited Edition Released at Milan Design Week

The Cub3d Sneaker is a bold statement in Gucci’s footwear line, showcasing a commitment to sustainability without compromising on style.

13 AprShoes

PUMA x KIDSUPER Sport Club: Fashion Through The Lens Of Football

The PUMA x KidSuper Sports Club collection is a nod to football’s legacy and Dillane’s passion for the game, all while giving a modern twist to PUMA’s classic looks.

13 AprCapsule. Shoes

Culture Week Tbilisi: What to expect!

The event will take place at Factory Tbilisi, a venue that’s becoming a new cultural landmark.

13 AprArt. Events. Tbilisi


“SYSTEMATIC DISRUPTION” is a call to think about how reality keeps evolving in our digital world.

12 AprBarcelona. Collection

DOMINNICO Unveils Fall 2024 Collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion

Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro has crafted this collection with a nod to the marine world.

12 AprBarcelona. Collection

RIDE AGAINST THE TIDE: The New Flaneurz & Dr.Martens Drop

This drop redefines urban fashion, blending the freedom of movement with a bold fashion statement.

12 AprShoes

The Mess Before I Wake Up: SSSTUFFF’s Creative Chaos

SSSTUFFF’s identity is ever-evolving, mirroring the dynamic nature of its innovative designs.

12 AprCampaigns. Collection

Lanvin announces the second edition of Lanvin Lab with artist Erwin Wurm

Wurm’s sculpture is inspired by two of Lanvin’s popular items—the Pencil Cat Bag and the Cash sneaker.

12 AprArt
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