LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers now in its eleventh edition saw a record this year with over 2,500 candidates from which twenty semi-finalists were selected, including, for the first time, designers from Mexico, Moldova, and Togo. Previous winners make up the fashion landscape of today including S.S. Daley, ERL, Kidsuper, Peter Do, Rokh, Marine Serre, and Jacquemus among others.

Once more this year, I’m delighted to welcome so many talented young designers, and I’d like to express my warmest gratitude to all the designers from all over the world who took part. This year’s edition is remarkable for the unique distinctive designs and for the return of sophisticated womenswear collections. Many of these brands place research and high aesthetic standards at the heart of their approach, values that are also championed by the new Savoir-Faire Prize. This prize underlines the importance of craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability, three topics at the heart of the fashion and luxury industry commitments today. I am very grateful to all the Experts who contribute each year to making the LVMH Prize a benchmark for young designers. All this promises an exceptional 2024 edition.” Declared Delphine Arnault.

From February 29 to March 1, in Paris, the 20 semi-finalists will showcase their creations. The public is invited to participate in the LVMH Prize, which will once again be held virtually on Like the Experts, the general public will have the opportunity to learn about the designers and cast their votes for their eight top picks between February 29 and March 5 corresponding with Paris Fashion Week.

AGBOBLY by Jacques Agbobly, Togo, womenswear and menswear
AUBERO by Julian Louie, United States, menswear
CAMPILLO by Patricio Campillo, Mexico, menswear
CHIAHUNG SU by Chia Hung Su, Taiwan, genderless collections
DURAN LANTINK by Duran Lantink, the Netherlands, womenswear, menswear and genderless
collections ELENA VELEZ by Elena Velez, United States, womenswear
FIDAN NOVRUZOVA by Fidan Novruzova, Moldova, womenswear
HODAKOVA by Ellen Hodakova Larsson, Sweden, womenswear
JIYONGKIM by Jiyong Kim, South Korea, menswear
KAROLINE VITTO by Karoline Vitto, Brazil, womenswear
KHOKI by Koki Abe, Japan, menswear
MARIE ADAM-LEENAERDT by Marie Adam-Leenaerdt, Belgium, womenswear
NICCOLÒ PASQUALETTI by Niccolò Pasqualetti, Italy, genderless collections
PAOLO CARZANA by Paolo Carzana, United Kingdom, womenswear and menswear
PAULINE DUJANCOURT by Pauline Dujancourt, France, womenswear
PONDER.ER by Derek Cheng and Alex Po, China, genderless collections
STANDING GROUND by Michael Stewart, Ireland, womenswear
VAUTRAIT by Yonathan Carmel, Israel, womenswear
WHO DECIDES WAR by Everard Best and Tela D’Amore Best, United States, womenswear and
menswear YA YI by Yayi Chen Zhou, Spain, womenswear

The LVMH Prize includes three awards:

• The LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers, which focuses on creativity, comes with a 400,000-euro endowment. The winner enjoys a one-year custom mentorship by a dedicated LVMH team. The Karl Lagerfeld Prize also distinguishes the creativity of a young brand and comes with a 200,000 – euro endowment as well as a one-year mentorship program.

• The newly created Savoir-Faire Prize focuses on exceptional craftsmanship, technical expertise and innovation, as well as sustainability in a young brand. Together with a 200,000-euro endowment, the winner will also enjoy a one-year specific mentoring program dedicated to encouraging the transmission of skills in these areas.

Finally, the Prize distinguishes three young fashion school graduates. Each winner, as well as their school, will receive 10,000 euros and join the design studio of one of the group’s houses for one year. Applications are open on the website until 17th March 2024.