Alex Sobrón, a Spanish jewelry designer, has unveiled his new collection titled Season IV “Duquelas” 1: Baile, inspired by the art of flamenco dance. The collection is composed of silver pieces that feature butterflies as the main motif, representing the movement, lightness and beauty of flamenco dancers.

Sobrón, who has been captivated by flamenco for about five years, considers it one of the most democratic and pure arts, as it transcends the social context, age, gender or nationality of those who experience it. He says that flamenco is not sung with the throat, nor played with the hands, nor danced with the feet, but rather it is a direct transmission from heart to heart.

His new collection, which is his fourth one, is presented as a triptych: dance, singing and playing. The first part, dance, uses the butterfly as the main metaphor to capture the essence of flamenco dancing. The flight of the butterflies resembles the flight of the ruffles of a dancer’s skirt, the flight of the Manila shawl or the flight of the dancer’s hair. The movement of the butterflies is parallel to the movement of the hands that rise and move in a determined but never aggressive way. The lightness of the butterflies reflects the delicacy of each breath, each sigh and each moan through which the performers communicate.

The pieces, which are cast in silver and molded in wax by Sobrón himself, pay homage to the great figures of flamenco dance such as Gades, Matilde Coral, Pastora Imperio or Farruco. The metal butterflies are frozen in time, dancing still, like the masters of flamenco dance, who continue dancing frozen in the living memory and history of this art.

The collection also demonstrates remarkable evolution and technical maturity, as Sobrón has kept intact his values of sustainable and artisanal production.

Check it out below: