LR3 unveiled its new collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion. Having Slow Fashion as a philosophy, this new brand wants to create for all genders, for all ages, for all body shapes, for people.

We had the chance to talk with the designer before his presentation and here’s what he told us:

How does LR3 arise?

Sometimes we want something but we say to ourselves things like “I won’t be able to, that’s not for me or it’s impossible …”. And that’s what I used to say to myself with the idea of ​​creating a brand. Until I believed it and started with it. After many years working and also advising others, it was time to break with fears and build something under our vision of the world and our values. We spent two years developing the project and one of the things we did at the beginning was to list everything we did not want to do … we transformed that list into positives and that is how the base of LR3 came out.

no fast fashion / SLOW FASHION
not to the seasons / PERMANENT COLLECTION
no to environmental damage / WE MANUFACTURE NEARBY
not mass production / MADE FOR YOU, ON DEMAND
no to passing trends / A TIMELESS IDENTITY
not to gender / ALL GENDERS
no age limit / ALL AGES
no to physical stereotypes / JUST PEOPLE
no fake marketing / A REAL MESSAGE “HAVE FUN WITH IT”

How does your background in the world of fashion multinationals help you when creating a brand?

I look back and realize how everything has been for something. With each new project, promotion, and glories I have learned a lot … but even more, allowing myself to fall and accept failures. It has been many years in the world of multinationals, it has given me a lot. It has good and bad points but I would recommend it to everyone, for me it has been the best school. Without all that hard work, I wouldn’t have the vision and knowledge to do all of this.



I understand that you have started to study fashion but have not finished the course. Do you think that the academic world is not for everyone and that many times by being self-taught you can go much deeper?

At some point in my career, I thought that I lacked knowledge, that I did not have a designer degree, and that it was still less valid for that. I think I was actually totally dissatisfied with my job and sabotaged myself to find a way out. I started studying design and soon realized that it was not for me. Going through school had its reason for being and I am glad I did, but it is not the place where I have learned the most. Where you learn is by working. I always say that if you know how to do something, do it yourself. If you don’t know but you can learn, learn and do it. And if this is really hard for you, pay to have it done. And now in LR3, it is like that, being a small project there are a million things that we do ourselves.

Tell us a bit about what you are showing at 080 Barcelona Fashion. Is it a seasonless collection?

Neither the seasonal cycles nor the rhythm of collections makes much sense anymore. The idea is that people buy thinking of LR3 as a bet for today and forever, hence the decision to make the collection permanent. We think of our garments as collectibles, that’s why the idea of ​​always having the same patterns and adding new fabrics and colors to the collection as time goes by. Behind the entire purchase process, there are many details and work to make the experience memorable.



How is sustainability present in your designs?

I don’t believe in sustainability as an added value; it is an expectation and an individual responsibility. In all our decisions the idea of ​​doing things well is present. Being a slow fashion brand already makes us very cautious. We manufacture in Barcelona and we do it to order, that is why we have no overproductions, no deadstock, and very little waste. The fabrics are mostly natural fibers but we are also betting on new fabrics such as 100% recycled polyester, which is wonderful. There are thousands of details, we try to be as responsible as we can.

I particularly liked the casting choice. Is inclusivity fundamental to the world of fashion? Is it something already in place?

Diversity is clearly a trend but there is a long way to go. The spirit of LR3 is to inspire everyone to have fun with clothes and we wanted to do it from a very broad point of view. We want to change the idea that clothes fit some yes and others don’t, that is why all garments are one size and also that is why we put the same garments on so many different people. In addition, it is much more beautiful like this!

Take a look at LR3 new collection below: