Louis Vuitton is rolling out a special collection for the 37th America’s Cup, the prestigious sailing competition happening in Barcelona. This collection is all about celebrating the race and Louis Vuitton’s long history with it. There are clothes, bags, and accessories for both men and women, all inspired by the sea and sailing.

The collection has three parts. The first, “Riding the Waves,” has practical gear like windbreakers and waterproof bags that are all about the sailing life. There are also some cool sneakers that fit the sailing theme.

The second part, “A Day on the Deck,” is more casual. It’s got a bunch of laid-back, sporty clothes that play around with Louis Vuitton’s classic designs but with a nautical twist. Think bright colors and patterns that remind you of signal flags on boats.

The third part, “Elegant Summer Evening,” is for those fancy nights out during the sailing event. Women can choose from sleek dresses, and men have sharp jackets and comfy trousers to pick from.

Aside from clothes, there are also new bag designs and small accessories like sunglasses and hats that match the whole sailing vibe. The standout piece is a Keepall bag with a special print that’s meant to be a collector’s item.

Check it out below:


This whole collection will be up for grabs starting July 18th, 2024, just in time for the America’s Cup fans to show their love for sailing and style.