Aries and Baracuta have teamed up to put a new spin on some classic jackets. Aries, known for its streetwear vibe, has taken Baracuta’s well-loved designs and added a bit of its own flair with some cool graphics.

They’ve taken old G9 Harrington jackets and G12 Macs from Baracuta’s stock and given them a makeover. The process ensures that no two jackets are alike, with each bearing the repeating motifs of the Aries Greek logo and the Aries Ancient Column graphics. They’ve kept the famous Fraser Tartan lining Baracuta’s known for, but added a few new touches like a special Aries Carabiner clip and a leather tassel. The jackets come in Army Green, Tan, and Black, and they’ve got a mix of the classic Baracuta style with a bit of Aries’ edge. They’re made to stand out in a crowd but still have that timeless look.

The campaign’s been shot by Winter Vandenbrink. His photos show off the jackets against the backdrop of the city, highlighting the contrast between the old and the new.

Check it out below:


If you’re interested, the Aries x Baracuta jackets will be up for grabs starting May 15th. You can find them at Aries’ Soho store or on their website, as well as Baracuta’s site.