On June 8th, Outra Cena will host an event in Lisbon that’s all about creativity and community. Draft001 is celebrating the launch of its new print issue and decided to invite Furaçao17 for the occasion for a collaborative takeover of the now iconic space with a night that will be hard to forget: Keyholders of Midnight 2 – The Out Of Frame Edition.

Furaçao17 is about giving a platform to Black & POC artists, making sure their voices are heard loud and clear. They’re new on the scene but are already changing the game with their take on Club Music. It’s all about celebrating diversity and turning up the volume on voices that matter.

The lineup is packed with talent, featuring artists likeSlim Soledad, Lewis G. Burton, N△N▽, Soundpreta, Colinas, and Seiva. They’re ready to fill the night with their diverse sounds and stories, from dusk till dawn.

Parsa Mostaghim’s artwork for the party captures this spirit perfectly. His work challenges us to see the world differently, mixing realism and abstraction to make us think about the artist’s role in society.

So, come join us at Outra Cena as the doors open at midnight. It’s more than just a party; it’s a place to dance, dream, and dive into the magic of the unknown. The Keyholders of Midnight are waiting for you.