Guangyu Li’s new collection is a heartfelt tribute to the past, blending the everyday with the extraordinary. It’s a series where ordinary items like living room flowers, bedroom curtains, and an old vase from Grandma come together in a way that feels natural and connected. The clothes themselves draw from the past—think 1930s men’s underwear, Victorian nightshirts, and an old parka from Grandpa—all reworked to give a fresh take on what it means to be masculine, seen through the eyes of a young boy.

This boy’s look is completed with accessories that could be found in any flower market, and the attention to detail in these pieces harks back to a bygone era of romance.

Behind the designs is Guangyu Li, whose upbringing by a single mother who loved fashion and romance, and a grandmother who valued traditional craftsmanship, has deeply influenced his work. His time at the University of Westminster, earning his MA in Menswear, was a turning point, helping him find his voice as a designer. He got to show off this new perspective in a collection for Selfridges Earth Project, which was all about finding inspiration in the simple things around us, like flowers and household objects.

Check out the collection below:

Designer/Styling: Guangyu Li-@guangyutim
Styling Assistant: Yeye-@yuezhangye
Photo: Diego-@_diegohhss_
Beauty Artist: Xiaohong-@piecebyliz
Boy: Kiza-@_kiza0