Balenciaga is kicking off a cool new project with BFRND, the French composer who’s been setting the vibe for Balenciaga shows since 2017. This guy’s got a knack for mixing up dark electronic tunes with classical vibes.

The Balenciaga Music | BFRND Series is dropping some limited merch like T-shirts and hoodies, each with a special NFC chip that gets you into their music world. They’re also launching a 4-hour playlist by BFRND packed with tracks that spark his creativity, plus a retro 8-bit video game that’s all about Balenciaga’s fashion shows.

In the game, you play as BFRND, dodging stuff and grabbing Balenciaga gear to score points. It’s set in the different worlds of Balenciaga’s past shows, like Winter 21 and Spring 24. The first three levels are up for grabs on a mini-site, WeChat, and at Balenciaga stores in Paris and Shanghai. But there’s a secret fourth level you can only play if you’ve got the merch with the NFC chip.

They’re also throwing a global contest where the top 30 players get a prize. And to top it off, there’s this campaign shot by Melchior Tersen, where BFRND’s dressed up like he’s part of a goth family, giving off some serious old-school portrait vibes.